“Language Images.com” features premade and custom visual supports for children and adults who have the communication disorders associated with autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile x syndrome, and many other neurological impairments.

Web based visual supports for communication is the next logical step in aided and augmentative communication. www.languageimages.com makes high quality images readily available at a reasonable cost with the ability to individualize each visual support.

Throughout the development of this site, the individuality of the user has been
paramount. We also understand that parents, teachers, and caregivers are too busy to spend time learning how a site works. We have made, and continue to make, every effort to make this site as user friendly as possible.

Customers can choose from premade picture schedules and communication
boards or they may design their own. Premade schedules and boards
describe typical activities and settings such as “getting ready for school” or a social communication board that teaches social language and turn taking skills. Premade schedules and boards can be also be individualized. The customer is able to replace images with one of their own choosing.

Our premade schedules and boards are added to weekly based on customer
feedback and suggestions.

www.languageimages.com provides schedule and board templates and a
database of over 5000 images that can be searched to customize a visual support. The customer chooses a template, searches for the right image, and inserts the image into the template. Text can also be customized. The customer is then prompted to choose a “physical delivery option” that includes download, print, or laminate.

Our premade schedules and boards feature Stillwater Speech images. These images are designed to be free of race and culture bias. Stillwater Speech images are created based on the premise that people who must rely on images for communication should have the highest quality images. Stillwater Speech also features images that are appropriate for adults.

www.langugeimages.com includes a forum for discussions, posting articles, and a calendar for conferences. We also have a information page with descriptions of how to create and implement visual supports.

Picture Schedules and Communication Boards Premade and Custom Picture Schedules and Boards for Adults and Children: Download and Print!

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