Author: Bill Connors

The Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment (ACIT) in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center (PATREC) is offering a series of workshops that will assist people with aphasia and those who want to help them talk and communicate better. The first in the series is Plateau Busting I, a unique workshop that provides truly useful and understandable methods and tools to assist in aggressively attacking aphasia and its related disorders. At ACIT and PATREC we are defiant, refusing to accept the idea of patient plateaus instead only appreciating the potential of the human brain given its plasticity and powerful capabilities for recovery. As Kimberly Dozier on Sunday Morning CBS offered, “The key to recovery is attitude.” Our patients possess an uncompromisingly assertive attitude about self-help therapy. The workshop will be facilitated by Bill Connors, founder and Director of ACIT, PATREC and

Participants will learn:
How to use the Visual Definition of Aphasia and Apraxia to clearly understand and identify in basic terms the major elements of the individual’s aphasia:
Semantic aphasia Lexical aphasia Phonological aphasia Alexia
Agraphia Oromotor apraxia Laryngeal apraxia Cognition
Attention skills Verbal working memory Pragmatics Mental resource allocation
How patients and helpers can create and implement a plan of attack for the identified aphasic elements
How to improve cognitive, memory and attention skills to jump start progress in aphasia therapy
How to, in simple terms, turn boring drills and everyday interactions into robust, effective therapeutic activities based on evidence-based research, science and learning theory
How to go beyond the evidence and quickly use newly-learned skills in conversation - bottom line therapy
How to simplify, adapt and maximize computers and programs for therapy including the pioneering Aphasia Sight Reader
How to take advantage of technology, with a focus on
A 35% subscription discount to
The opportunity and support to form and participate in an Aphasia Self-Help Treatment Team
Optional 60 minutes of additional one-on-one consultation/therapy time with Bill Connors

For more information, to review a syllabus or to receive a registration form contact Bill Connors, 724.494.2634 or email [email protected] .