The materials in this kit provide a multisensory framework to allow clients to re-learn skills and concepts through their most effective learning modality.

Target rehabilitation areas of this kit include:
• Orientation
• Attention and Scanning
• Memory
• Receptive and Expressive Language
• Reasoning and Problem Solving

Contents of this kit include:
• A tote box
• A master workbook
• A supplemental reproducable workbook
• Eighty-five up-to-date photo cards
• Twenty picture cards
• A dry erase pen

Product Reviews

“The progression of word-finding activities was well-structured allowing the patient to feel successful by providing the ’scaffolding’ as needed. The stimulus items themselves were interesting to both the patient and the therapist and stimulated increased language production.” -ML, California

“I use the [SR-Cognition] kit with Aphasic and Cognitive patients. It’s realistic and hands-on; not just a workbook or papers.” -TB, Texas

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