An article in the StrokeNet newsletter “Fuel for the Journey” by Lin Mouat

Managing Your Energy

I used to be able to force myself to do more than my body allowed. In the past, I’ve often pushed to the point of feeling sick – something I wouldn’t recommend. I got away with overdoing for many years, until, over a period of time, physical ailments assailed me - each one depleting me more.

By the time I had bilateral strokes, I was already struggling with the affects of Fibromyalgia, and the strokes pretty much drained my energy.

A few of the things that can affect our energy are:
• Medications
• Physical difficulties
• Age
• Level of activity, which for many of us can be dictated by our physical and pain issues
• Lack of sleep. I think that sleep patterns is an individual thing.
• Attitude.

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