From the back cover:  When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, he or she is taking the first step on a challenging and confusing journey.   For many, it is as if they are traveling alone to someplace entirely new, with only faded directions back to their old lives.  Often, even their loved ones can only guess what they must be experiencing Michael Stern, M.D., uses the stories of his own patients to consider the personal narrative of sickness.  Beautifully written and keenly insightful, “The Lonely Patient” is a valuable book for patients and their caregivers as well as a probing inquiry into this universal experience 

 One Review:  “Stein has come to understand the emotions that patients experience when illness descends, the feeling that the body has betrayed them, the terror of the unknown, the loss of a legion of familiar comforts, and the loneliness of being kidnapped into the land of the ill” – New York Times

“The Lonely Patient” By Michael Stein is more than just a survival guide or owner’s manual for those who are ill or whose bodies are broken. Recognizing that only clinical recovery can nullify loneliness, the author reminds us that a temporary escape can still be found in memory, imagination, and hope. Physicians and especially patients will find that “The Lonely Patient” makes very good company. (A review by the Journal of the American Medical Association). To Order