The National Stroke Association is excited to announce their 2011 Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE) Awards winners in the coming days and they wanted to thank everyone who sent in nominations to be considered for the inaugural year. The winners are excited to have their activities highlighted and they are honored to showcase them.

They had a tremendous response to the call for nominations and thank you for sharing these truly amazing efforts being made across the country. It is clear that those of you invested in raising awareness—no matter your reach or resources—are inspirations that deserve support and recognition.

While they are only able to honor a few winners this year, they hope you will join them as they work to establish a devoted and organized community engaged for the long term to raise awareness. You are the reasons why people everywhere are becoming better armed to recognize and respond to stroke.

Watch in the coming days as the 2011 RAISE Awards winners are revealed. The National Stroke Association hopes you share their successes—and your own—with loved ones and others who might be inspired to become a stroke champion