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Here is Aphasia Hope Foundation’s upcoming Professional Forum Series for 2016: January – Audrey Holland, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS February – Kristine Lundgren, Sc.D. March – Nan Musson, MA, CCC-SLP; BC-ANCDS, VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL April – Maura English Silverman, MS, CCC-SLP; Communication Coach, North Carolina May – Mary Beth Clark, MS/CCC; Luther Midelfort, Eau […]

An article posted in NEWS-Medical: Minutes count when treating stroke, but current diagnostics take as long as three hours, careful lab work and skilled technicians to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis. Scientists at Cornell University’s Baker Institute for Animal Health have developed a device that helps diagnose stroke in less than 10 minutes using a […]

Peter, with the help of his daughter, is offering accessible one-on-one support to anyone who needs it. Who is Peter? Peter Andrews is a stroke survivor who has aphasia. He cannot read or write, but he can speak. After 7 years of recovery, he wants to help others with aphasia adapt to and overcome their […]

You know as well as I do that stigmas matter — and that they are hard to break. This week the horrible news broke that hate crimes against people with disabilities are up 41 percent in one country alone. Thus, I am delighted to share this press release below about a great new stigma-busting show […]

November is National Family Caregivers Month. This year’s theme is “Respite” – the chance to take a breather, the opportunity to re-energize. Most importantly, it’s critical to know that respite and taking time for yourself is not selfish – it’s essential. President Obama honored family caregivers for their service to the nation with a Presidential […]

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Top Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease As you get older, you might worry more about diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but you can actually do a lot to lower your chances of getting it. Here are some important lifestyle tips that keep your brain young! PIX 1.pages

TUESDAY, Oct. 27, 2015 (HealthDay News) — One in three people can’t list any warning signs of stroke, research from the American Stroke Association shows. However, the association added that putting common stroke symptoms into the lyrics of a song could help more people recognize when someone is having a stroke. And that could save […]

Sallybrook Productions are in pre-production of a new independent micro-budget British feature film project that raises awareness of Aphasia within the context of a moving drama story. The movie’s working title is Emily, Aphasia and Mister James, and the lead role features the character of Emily who suffers from Aphasia, and ultimately overcomes the condition […]

Busting Recovery Myths – What you need for speech & language recovery. And why you might not get it. “They told me the window for my recovery had closed. You’ve plateaued and there’s nothing more we can do for you right now.” I’ve had lots of stroke and brain-injury survivors recount similar stories. And then […]

Aphasia Cruise – Galveston September 18 – 25, 2016 Who: People with aphasia and their caregiver or friend. What: An 7-night cruise for people with aphasia and their caregiver or friend to reconnect with life and each other! Why: We believe that it is helpful, healing, and often inspiring to be with others with aphasia. […]