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THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL STROKE ASSOCIATION: Genentech, in collaboration with National Stroke Association and American College of Emergency Physicians, has developed a variety of tools and resources to help you build a successful stroke awareness campaign in your community. And you can easily customize many of these materials by adding your institution’s logo […]

This is a message from National Stroke Association: May Kicks Off National Stroke Awareness Month National Stroke Awareness Month has been recognized in May for 25 years in the U.S. Yet stroke continues to be the fourth leading cause of death—killing nearly 130,000 people a year. Public knowledge of this condition, often called a “brain […]

Video posted April 08, 2014 What can be done to improve stroke care in emergency departments with existing drugs and technologies? That’s the question we put to three stroke neurologists, who said door-to-needle times and procedures have not yet been optimized. That is also the question that was put to three stroke neurologists — Natalia […]

Posted by Teighlor Lockwood-Koehn Apr 07 2014 Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke, and stroke is the fourth leading cause of death. However, compared to similar conditions, such as cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, the public lacks knowledge about stroke. This is clear when looking at the statistics. • Less […]

This article posted on MedPageToday on 4/9/2014: What works best for recovery after stroke-induced impairment? We asked three experts in stroke rehabilitation: Howard S. Kirshner, MD, professor and vice-chairman of neurology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville; Samir Belagaje, MD, director of stroke rehabilitation at Emory University’s Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center in Atlanta; and Larry […]

Stroke Rounds: Early Signs of Stroke Missed in Many Cases – Article posted on April 8, 2014 to MedPage Today By Todd Neale. Many strokes may be missed in emergency departments (EDs) in the days before the problems become obvious, a retrospective study suggested. Of 187,188 admissions for stroke, 12.7% were associated with an ED […]

This article appeared in Stroke Connection’s Spring, 2014 issue: Our cover story features Illinois’ junior senator, Mark Kirk. Sen. Kirk survived a stroke in January 2012. He spent months in rehab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. “I am focused on how we can get people who have suffered stroke to return to work, and […]

This message is from National Stroke Association: Earlier this week Congress passed another temporary “fix” to the Medicare therapy caps. They extended the exceptions process for one year (through Mar. 31, 2015). This process allows stroke survivors on Medicare to get more outpatient therapy than the $1,920 caps allow, but only if their healthcare provider […]

This message is from The National Stroke Association: By now you know that every 40 seconds another person in the U.S. experiences a stroke—devastating the lives of nearly 1 million people every year. Unfortunately, far too many don’t survive because they didn’t know the warning signs and to call 9-1-1 right away. But with your […]

Try these Online Speaking Exercises, Anytime, Anywhere Your clients want to re-establish independent communication. We have FREE exercises to help them. With our new TalkPath Online Speech Therapy, you and your clients can work together on more than 1,250 speaking exercises. Your clients can work on their speech with activities like: Functional Word Repetition Functional […]