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Message from National Stroke Association: The RAISE Awards annually recognizes individuals and groups across the country for taking stroke awareness activities to new heights. Awards are given in several categories and recognize people engaged in community-level awareness activities directly supporting National Stroke Association’s mission. 2014 Nominations Nominate Nominations for the third annual awards open in […]

The Trustees of the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia are delighted to announce that Professor Linda Worrall is the 2014 recipient of The Robin Tavistock Award. This award is named after Robin Tavistock, the 14th Duke of Bedford who founded The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia. It is presented annually to a person, or group, who is […]

To help you learn the warning signs of stroke and stroke symptoms, we have created four fun, interactive games for you to play. Test your knowledge today. Quickly identifying the early warning signs may help save your life or the life of someone else. Share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat […]

Know the Signs of Stroke – Follow the FAST rule, experts advise By Randy Dotinga Posted for Health Day News on Saturday, May 10, 2014 Some reminders about detecting and treating strokes are offered as Stroke Awareness Month continues. Dr. Henry Woo and Dr. David Fiorella, co-directors of the Stony Brook University Cerebrovascular and Stroke […]

THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL STROKE ASSOCIATION: Genentech, in collaboration with National Stroke Association and American College of Emergency Physicians, has developed a variety of tools and resources to help you build a successful stroke awareness campaign in your community. And you can easily customize many of these materials by adding your institution’s logo […]

Posted by Teighlor Lockwood-Koehn Apr 07 2014 Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke, and stroke is the fourth leading cause of death. However, compared to similar conditions, such as cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, the public lacks knowledge about stroke. This is clear when looking at the statistics. • Less […]

This message is from The National Stroke Association: By now you know that every 40 seconds another person in the U.S. experiences a stroke—devastating the lives of nearly 1 million people every year. Unfortunately, far too many don’t survive because they didn’t know the warning signs and to call 9-1-1 right away. But with your […]

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Here is a highlight of a recent question for our Professional for the Month and the Pro’s reply: Question: Living in a foreign country with aphasia Posted: 2014-01-02 07:40:58 Currently my husband (48) is diagnosed with severe global aphasia after a recent massive stroke. The initial prognosis was no speech/no comprehension at all unless he […]

Here is Aphasia Hope Foundation’s upcoming Professional Forum Series for 2014: January – Maura English Silverman, MS, CCC-SLP; Communication Coach, North Carolina February – Kristine Lundgren, Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Boston University School of Medicine March – Nan Musson, MA, CCC-SLP; BC-NCD-A, VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL April – Audrey Holland, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-NCD; University of Arizona […]

OUR FAITH SAW US THROUGH THE LAST 18 YEARS OF RECOVERY On June 20, 1995, John, age 55 had a massive stroke and was left with Aphasia (loss of speech and language ability), semi-paralysis on right side and Pseudobulbar (also known as involuntary emotional expression disorder). That day John had come home from work, complaining […]