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This article is from The Stroke Connection newsletter, entitled “Post-Stroke Rehabilitation” Rehabilitation is probably one of the most important phases of recovery for many stroke survivors. The effects of stroke may mean that you must change, relearn or redefine how you live. Stroke rehabilitation helps you return to independent living. Rehabilitation doesn’t reverse the effects […]

Although men have more risk factors for strokes, they are particularly deadly for women and pose a greater threat to women’s health than breast cancer. Don’t Miss This Two Types of Strokes: Do You Know the Difference? 10 Tips for Your Best Stroke Recovery Stroke statistics for women are surprising and distressing. Though you may […]

Smart911 is an enhanced 9-1-1 system where you can prepare for an emergency before one happens. Here’s how it works, you create a Safety Profile online at which can include your name, home address, photos of family members, even your medical history. Your profile is then stored in secure national databases. And if you […]

You’re watching television and a commercial comes on. It’s one you’ve seen before, but this time you burst into tears. You can’t stop crying. Later, you spill something and you become angrier than you should. You’re frustrated because you can’t control your emotions. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Dealing with the emotional and […]

SLPs develop comprehensive Spanish-language battery for developing treatment approach for patients with difficulty swallowing. Have you ever been responsible for assessing and treating an adult patient with dysphagia whose only spoken language was not that of your own? I have. I found that I needed to be able to do more than simply dispense the […]

The average American consumes more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day – more than twice the amount recommended by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Because too much sodium can lead to elevated blood pressure – and elevated blood pressure can lead to stroke and heart attack – it’s critical for stroke survivors to […]

One of the most frustrating parts of stroke recovery can be the struggle to communicate. People with receptive aphasia, which is also known as Wernicke’s aphasia, have a hard time understanding words and may say words that don’t make sense. That’s different from expressive aphasia, also known as Broca’s aphasia. Survivors with expressive aphasia know […]

Move your body, challenge your brain, and improve your speech post-stroke with the help of sports, board and card games, and even dancing. Here are some examples of popular recreational activities that aid in different aspects of stroke recovery. Read More

LTI Information Learning Technologies International is a company dedicated to using technology to improve language learning for people across the globe — be it learners of English as a foreign language or people with communications disorders, we will continue to forge the way ahead. Our first product, Speak As You See (SAYS) is a revolutionary […]

Simple, yet direct, a query arises: Why do I do my blog? Good question, grasshopper. Actually, there are several reasons uncovered around why I decided to dive in and be a blogger. Part of it is: To Be Unique To be completely honest, I really didn’t want to do this blog at all at the […]