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Tips for Reclaiming Your Job – Robert Trierweiler, MS, a certified rehabilitation counselor, outlines the steps a stroke survivor can take to make returning to work after a stroke easier. Article posted by Nancy Coulter-Parker on Jul 21, 2014 In the August issue of StrokeSmart® magazine, we interviewed Robert Trierweiler, MS, certified rehabilitation counselor and […]

Heat Stroke vs. Stroke? Global Stroke Resource Offers Summertime Health Safety Tips Orlando, Fla. (July 9, 2014) – You want a healthy sun-kissed glow this summer, but would you be able to recognize when your body has had far too much exposure to sun or heat? It is important to know the signs of heat […]

One common experience of Stroke Survivors is uncontrollable emotional outbursts. Sometimes the outburst outweighs the degree that might be anticipated, for example, uncontrollable crying at a minor event. Sometimes the outburst is the opposite of what might be expected, for example, laughing instead of crying. David discusses this phenomena including giving examples from his personal […]

Dealing with Five Disabilities After Stroke Part 1. I. Movement dysfunction and paralysis II. Sensory dysfunction This month the first of two articles appears discussing the five major disabilities resulting from stroke. Walt explains each of them and how they are treated. Read this article.

As stroke survivors and family caregivers know, the unexpected can happen. Incapacity planning prepares you and your family for the day when you will no longer be able to make financial, legal and health decisions on your own. With incapacity planning, you give someone else, a spouse or trusted family member, the power to make […]

Posted by Emily Shearing Jun 19 2014, for Stroke Smart. Poor oral hygiene isn’t just bad for your teeth and gums. Neglecting to brush and floss daily could potentially lead to pneumonia, cancer, heart disease and even stroke. And the risk is greater than you might think. A Surprising Risk Factor A recent study found […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LINGRAPHICA UNVEILS “FACES OF APHASIA” WEBSITE AND SEEKS STORIES FOR APHASIA AWARENESS MONTH Users can submit stories of their aphasia journey at . Communication disorder affects more than 1 million persons in the U.S. PRINCETON, NJ: Lingraphica, in cooperation with multiple non-profit partners, today announced June as Aphasia Awareness Month and […]

An article in Stroke Smart posted on June 5, 2014 by Emily Shearing Exercise. Eat more vegetables. Reduce stress. You already know the typical ways to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk of stroke. But there are other simple changes you can make you may not have not heard of that can significantly […]

Article posted in Stroke Smart by Teighlor Lockwood-Koehn Jun 05 2014 New guidelines have been released to help healthcare professionals assess and monitor current risk factors for stroke survivors. Survivors should be aware of the most common risk factors and make a plan with a healthcare professional to help prevent recurring stroke. Risk factors such […]

Faces of Aphasia was created to spread awareness about aphasia, a communication disorder, caused by a stroke or other brain injury, that affects the way a person uses language. Faces of Aphasia is a collection of stories about people touched by aphasia. Check out “John and Judi’s Story – A Message of Hope” and other […]