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This article is from Lingraphica: New Study Shows Adults With Chronic Aphasia Improve With Teletherapy For many years it was widely believed post-stroke survivors with aphasia would essentially plateau six months into their recovery. In an effort to test this assumption and support the community of adults with chronic aphasia, we studied the effectiveness of our speech-generating devices in […]

Spouse’s Stroke Has Long-Term Impact on Partner’s Health Multiple, persistent health issues afflict husbands and wives of stroke survivors Caring for a spouse who has had a stroke may have negatively affected the mental and physical health of even relatively young caregivers for many years after the event, researchers reported. In one of the first […]

A message from National Stroke Association: Are you familiar with National Stroke Association’s Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE) Awards? This national awards program recognizes individuals and groups for taking stroke awareness activities to new heights. No effort to raise awareness about stroke is too small. Past winners represent the range of activities—including a stroke […]

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Concerned Daughter posts an inquiry: My mother had a stroke 5 years ago. She was lucky and it left her healthy, with the exception of Aphasia/Apraxia. She is a very stubborn and proud lady of 68 years. However, since her stroke, she refuses to get help or take therapy. Her Aphasia embarrasses her and therefore […]

As a family practitioner, Beth Milligan, M.D. knew the telltale signs of stroke, but even she initially misinterpreted what her body was telling her. Now, she’s on a mission to educate others. Blindsided Milligan thought she was doing everything right—she had taken steps to eliminate the risk factors for stroke from her life…Read More

Save the date for HeartWalk ’15: Saturday, October 24, 2015. Sign up for a HeartWalk in your area by clicking on Heart Walk

This article is from The Stroke Connection newsletter, entitled “Post-Stroke Rehabilitation” Rehabilitation is probably one of the most important phases of recovery for many stroke survivors. The effects of stroke may mean that you must change, relearn or redefine how you live. Stroke rehabilitation helps you return to independent living. Rehabilitation doesn’t reverse the effects […]

Have a client rolling off your caseload? We can help! Meet TalkPath Live, our new research-backed online teletherapy service accessible anytime, anywhere. Designed to help individuals who’ve reached a therapy cap or run out of insurance benefits, TalkPath Live is here to continue your clients’ speech improvement. Call our team at 888-274-2742 to learn more […]

Although men have more risk factors for strokes, they are particularly deadly for women and pose a greater threat to women’s health than breast cancer. Don’t Miss This Two Types of Strokes: Do You Know the Difference? 10 Tips for Your Best Stroke Recovery Stroke statistics for women are surprising and distressing. Though you may […]

Living with aphasia can be confusing, frustrating and isolating. Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) has designed Aphasia U Boot Camp program to help you learn, share, and connect you with others to improve the quality of life for people with aphasia and their loved ones. A 1 week educational and social program that supports people with […]