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Urge Congress to Support Brain Research- Send a Message Ask legislators to support brain research by funding the National Institutes of Health and the BRAIN Initiative. Brain research is a high priority for members of the stroke community, as it can lead to innovations in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for stroke survivors. The federal […]

Gina writes: “NEED HELP”! I had meningococcal encephalitis in 2008 & it paralyzed my vocal chords. I haven’t spoke since I’m 40 & have two daughters, 14 & 18 & i’d love to tell them I love them I read about you’re program & wondered if you had any programs that would suit me. I […]

MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL STROKE ASSOCIATION: Congress returns to Washington D.C. on September 9, 2014 from their month-long district work period. With the 113th Congress coming to an end in December, National Stroke Association asks you to join us in a final push to get Congress to repeal Medicare’s therapy cap. As part of the push […]

Understanding Aphasia – A free educational resource launched to increase awareness for National Stroke Week in Australia (8-14th September 2014) Please find a link below to a free video aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the effects of living with a communication difficulty caused by brain injury (Aphasia). Aphasia is a complex condition […]

Simple, yet direct, a query arises: Why do I do my blog? Good question, grasshopper. Actually, there are several reasons uncovered around why I decided to dive in and be a blogger. Part of it is: To Be Unique To be completely honest, I really didn’t want to do this blog at all at the […]

Article posted by Lucy Lazarony on Jul 14 2014 Get answers and resolve grievances regarding Medicare coverage and benefits by reaching out to a Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman. Medicare may cover key aspects of a stroke survivor’s rehabilitation costs, such as up to 100 days in a skilled nursing facility. And that is why it’s so […]

Article posted by Lisa O’Neill Hill on Jul 02 2014 When people have strokes, they go to the ER for treatment. Now, an ambulance in Texas is bringing the ER to patients. A neurologist, a paramedic, a nurse, and a computed tomography (CT) scanner technician ride on the ambulance, the same kind used by city […]

Aphasia is just one of many neurological speech, language and communication disorders that speech-language pathologists may encounter during their careers. Aphasia can be the result of stroke or traumatic head injury, and affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for using and comprehending language. Those suffering from aphasia can have difficulty or even […]

Tips for Reclaiming Your Job – Robert Trierweiler, MS, a certified rehabilitation counselor, outlines the steps a stroke survivor can take to make returning to work after a stroke easier. Article posted by Nancy Coulter-Parker on Jul 21, 2014 In the August issue of StrokeSmart® magazine, we interviewed Robert Trierweiler, MS, certified rehabilitation counselor and […]

Bill Would Give Social Security Credits to Caregivers On July 7, Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY) introduced important legislation to help caregivers increase the amount of Social Security benefits they would be eligible for when they retire. Under the proposal, caregivers could get credit for up to 5 years of unpaid care that they are providing […]