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LTI Information Learning Technologies International is a company dedicated to using technology to improve language learning for people across the globe — be it learners of English as a foreign language or people with communications disorders, we will continue to forge the way ahead. Our first product, Speak As You See (SAYS) is a revolutionary […]

With the national elections now concluded, Congress has begun its final session before the new Congress is sworn in next year. While there are only a few weeks left in this session, legislators still have a chance to permanently remove the Medicare therapy caps before the end of the year. The Medicare therapy caps are […]

This fall, Stroke Advocacy Network (SAN) joined a larger campaign in an effort to secure a bipartisan majority of legislators co-sponsoring the repeal, which would put pressure on Congressional leadership to hold a vote on the bills.   Find out more by clicking on Stroke Network.

A mini guide for people with aphasia and their families This post is by Caitlin Longman:   This booklet was created with the help of many individuals with aphasia and I am grateful from all the input from therapists and organisations across South Africa. Please feel free to print out this booklet and share with other […]

Stroke survivors on Medicare have been put through enough! Year after year, they are hit with the possibility of facing a punitive cap on their rehabilitative therapy. Thankfully Congress routinely allows for an exceptions process, but it must be renewed every year. That usually happens at the last minute, right before the old exceptions process […]

This from the National Stroke Association: The national and international effects of stroke are clear. In the United States, 795,000 people will experience a stroke every year. Globally, stroke will claim six million lives annually. World Stroke Day is right around the corner and we are still pushing members of Congress support the U.S. and […]

Urge Congress to Support Brain Research- Send a Message Ask legislators to support brain research by funding the National Institutes of Health and the BRAIN Initiative. Brain research is a high priority for members of the stroke community, as it can lead to innovations in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for stroke survivors. The federal […]

Gina writes: “NEED HELP”! I had meningococcal encephalitis in 2008 & it paralyzed my vocal chords. I haven’t spoke since I’m 40 & have two daughters, 14 & 18 & i’d love to tell them I love them I read about you’re program & wondered if you had any programs that would suit me. I […]

MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL STROKE ASSOCIATION: Congress returns to Washington D.C. on September 9, 2014 from their month-long district work period. With the 113th Congress coming to an end in December, National Stroke Association asks you to join us in a final push to get Congress to repeal Medicare’s therapy cap. As part of the push […]

Understanding Aphasia – A free educational resource launched to increase awareness for National Stroke Week in Australia (8-14th September 2014) Please find a link below to a free video aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the effects of living with a communication difficulty caused by brain injury (Aphasia). Aphasia is a complex condition […]