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Eye Gaze Board

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P300 Communications is a company dedicated to supporting disabled people with their communication needs. Our mission is to offer a variety of lightweight, transparent eye-gaze boards for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or home care use.At P300 Communications, we create durable, transparent letter and symbol boards. Each board is designed to meet the particular needs […]

As described on Amazon: At the age of thirty-three, Delanie Stephenson was enjoying life with her husband, two kids, and a teaching job she loved. Blessings abounded, and Delanie thanked God for each one. But it only took a single instant to change it all. A terrible headache struck her on June 6, 2012, and […]

As noted by Amazon: Katie, a six-year-old girl, loved her life. She had everything she needed: a house in the country with pets, a devoted family, and a fun-loving mom who would do anything for her. Katie had no worries. But, unexpectedly near the end of her kindergarten school year, her mother suffered a life-altering […]

As noted on Amazon: This book tells a story and shares insights about the author’s recovery from a devastating stroke. He cleverly weaves his story and his insights into a compelling narrative about a challenging journey toward recovery. It speaks to the stroke patient on a personal and experiential level that resonates with the reader. […]

This is a great article from a Mother’s perspective on Developing Resilience as published in StrokeConnection newsletter. Click HERE

Caregiver burnout is the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that caregivers can experience when they overextend themselves. This usually happens because they either don’t receive the assistance they need or try to do more than they’re able to on their own. Burnout may include a negative change in attitude, as well as fatigue, anxiety, stress […]

A message from is a comprehensive informational website on cerebral palsy. As someone who’s lived with cerebral palsy since infancy, I know how critical it is for parents of a child with CP to have access to reliable and comprehensive information on this complex condition. My life with cerebral palsy began when I […]

Having trouble getting around and don’t have or want a smartphone? GoGoGrandparent makes it easy to call an Uber from a regular phone. Just call (310) 400 – 5082, press 1 and they will send a car out to your home. To return, call their number and press 2. You can speak with an operator […]

Bubbly; definitely bubbly. The prediction is building and I can’t wait. I am jumpy, anxious; heck, I am like a little kid waiting to go to the candy store so I could pick the right choice on my favorite bar. As the minutes go down, the excitement goes up, I am bursting with jittery energy. […]

Music is “The art of expression by sound” so what better therapy could we use for helping our brains to express themselves. We have all felt the power of music, whilst dancing, singing and relaxing, music affects our moods, and music can heal! Think of your brain as being built from 10 million fried eggs! […]