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Kelley is a young wife, mother of two daughters and stroke survivor. Check out her story on YouTube.

How are kids affected by a parent’s stroke? Kids cope differently than adults.  Watch the newest iHOPE webinar, Helping Kids Cope After a Parent’s Stroke, and learn more about:   How are children affected by a parent’s stroke? What makes coping more difficult for children? What helps children cope better? What do children do to help themselves? How can […]

A message from Sean Cox, Director of Public Outreach, Social Security Advocate Group As you may know 1 in 5 Americans have a disability and 5 million Americans a year are declared disabled by the Social Security Administration. I am trying to get our information published to spread awareness that these Americans are potentially entitled […]

Fantasy or reality? Make-believe or hard facts? Sometimes, it appears like both of them are correct are both of them are incorrect all at the same time. In the next several minutes  I am going to describe an emotion, or maybe it’s a feeling, or maybe it’s perceptibility that everyone takes for granted, but it’s […]

A Message from National Stroke Association about there new video series. There are many misperceptions about stroke—such as it being unpreventable. Help us spread the word about its true impact. Share our new two-part video series, Stroke: The REALITY, with your friends and family.     Watch Now.

Florida Injured Baby, a website providing guidance for you and your injured child. The birth of a baby  is expected to be a joyous event, and should result in the birth of healthy baby. When the baby is born with injuries like Erb’s Palsy, cerebral palsy, or cephalohematoma,  for example, parents should have answers about what went wrong. The […]

This from Caregiver Action Network: Your loved one’s care does not always take place in hospitals, or nursing homes, or doctors’ offices, or medical clinics. Most care actually occurs in the home – and that’s a good thing. People are healthier at home and health care costs are reduced. Family caregivers have the best interests […]

Palliative Care For Seniors, Care Givers and Families Help make their last years better years! Outline What is Palliative Care? Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care Costs and Funding Information Caregiver’s Guide to Palliative Care Indications and Contraindication related to Palliative Care Certification and Training for Services Nationwide Variations of Service Other Relevant Resources     […]

A mini guide for people with aphasia and their families This post is by Caitlin Longman:   This booklet was created with the help of many individuals with aphasia and I am grateful from all the input from therapists and organisations across South Africa. Please feel free to print out this booklet and share with other […]

Being diagnosed with aphasia after a stroke or brain injury can cause frustration and stress, not only for survivors but also for their caregivers. Often their caregivers find themselves dealing with an entirely “new” loved one—with a different personality, new physical challenges, and impaired communication skills. The severity of the person’s condition depends on the […]