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Walking along this corridor – it was more like floating – weightless – never before had I experienced anything like this. It was not even a corridor as we know it. But this didn’t matter at the time. Nothing mattered at the time. Thinking back today, it is, strangely, on one hand a faint memory, […]

As always, I am truly grateful thousands of people read, dissect, mull about and engage in discussions of the posts on my blog, Unmistakably Herb. However, more than several people have asked about my sub-headline, “Life lessons learned…” and the origins of why I do what I do. Promise to Strive In my realm, it […]

Pain Management

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A new, drug-free, long-term pain management therapy that may help reduce your pain and improve quality of life –The StimRouter™ Neuromodulation System StimRouter is a minimally-invasive therapy cleared by the FDA for the treatment of chronic peripheral nerve pain. Bioness is focused on bringing relief to Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain often occurring as the result of […]

In 2001, Lauren’s Hope introduced the very first interchangeable medical ID bracelet, and overnight, people who had grudgingly worn, or even refused to wear, the standard, plain metal medical ID bracelets of the past suddenly had attractive, durable, stylish options they could enjoy wearing and change to suit their mood, outfit, or activity. Today, more […]

Music therapy can help stroke survivors with speech and language cognition, lift their moods, and improve coordination by having stroke survivors walk to the beat of the music. Why can music be such a powerful tool in a stroke survivor’s recovery? As Erin Wegener, a music therapist at Spectrum Health in Michigan, explains, music accesses […]

Blog posted August 14, 2014 by Herb Silverman Look into my eyes. What do I see? I am flexible, through and through. However, as the tale begins, most people are in two camps. Let me explain: A Beacon Since 1998, I have been a guest speaker, sharing my personal stories and leveraging the power of […]

Our 30 yr old daughter Teresa was not the usual aphasia patient.  Rather than being the result of a stroke, her aphasia was caused by brain tumor growth, at end stage GBM brain cancer. Teresa’s voice and ability to speak faded away over the period of a month.   As her voice slipped away, along […]

Some time ago someone asked me what happens when one has a stroke. Since every stroke is different I didn’t want to give him a description of my stroke. We have to remember that some people hardly notice it, while others have an inkling that something is wrong, and others again feel it quite violently. […]

We should stress at the outset of this article that the advice of anyone’s doctor should not be eschewed in favor of an untried, untested ‘alternative’ remedy. Before launching upon any course of alternative therapy, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor regarding the wisdom of doing so! However, some aphasia […]

We live in a two-handed world. Following a stroke or limb injury the transition from managing life with two hands to surviving with one can seem almost impossible. This handbook provides step-by-step instructions for practical everyday life tasks and recreational activities. The easy tools provided are simple to implement with the primary aim to live […]