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Recreational Therapy: Play Your Way to Recovery, Article posted by Emily Shearing Aug 20 2014 Physical therapy is a necessary part of stroke recovery. But gaining back muscle strength is just one part of the process. Recreational therapy helps stroke survivors return to their favorite pre-stroke activities, whether it’s hiking, playing board games, or cooking. […]

Blog posted August 14, 2014 by Herb Silverman Look into my eyes. What do I see? I am flexible, through and through. However, as the tale begins, most people are in two camps. Let me explain: A Beacon Since 1998, I have been a guest speaker, sharing my personal stories and leveraging the power of […]

An article posted August 7, 2014 by HERB SILVERMAN Usually wound up like a top, for years, I stressed to the max. As I told you before in my blog, I am a perfectionist. I always try to achieve as much as I can. Sometimes, I am worried because I think I should have attempted […]

Full time; on call 24/7; skills required: anything you can think of, multi-tasking compulsory; not even minimum pay; no holidays; applicants must be able to cope in a busy job. Would you answer a ‘Situations Vacant’ ad like this? Probably not. Yet, there are millions of people who do jobs like this. They are called […]

Technology is grand, isn’t it? Computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices; heck, one uses gadgets every day with relative ease. It’s neat. It’s sleek. And at a matter of fact, the clever of all, in my opinion, is text-to-speech (TTS). Yup, using my voice rather than my keyboard which, by the way, is so many […]

Do you like movies? Of course you do! As a matter of fact, I bet that 99.9% of the world loves a good flick, right? Whether it’s an action, comedy or drama, sometimes a fantastic film is spectacular, isn’t it? Now, I am not a junkie about fine cinema (AKA the “art” crowd,) probably because […]

Article Posted by Emily Shearing on Jun 26 2014 From rebuilding your muscles to working out your brain, recovering from a stroke is a combination of challenging both body and mind. While physical therapy is a common and often successful form of rehabilitation post-stroke, continuing treatment in the months and years after can be pricey, […]

Aphasia is just one of many neurological speech, language and communication disorders that speech-language pathologists may encounter during their careers. Aphasia can be the result of stroke or traumatic head injury, and affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for using and comprehending language. Those suffering from aphasia can have difficulty or even […]

Life Participation Approach to Aphasia – A Statement of Values for the Future by the LPAA Project Group (in alphabetical order: Roberta Chapey, Judith F. Duchan, Roberta J. Elman, Linda J. Garcia, Aura Kagan, Jon Lyon, and Nina Simmons Mackie) Unprecedented changes are occurring in the way treatment for aphasia is viewed and reimbursed. These […]

We are a social enterprise developing apps to help people with aphasia. Our CEO Aviva Cohen was inspired to start Neuro Hero after her husband Steve had a stroke in 2006 leaving him with severe expressive aphasia. Their story was recently documented as part of the International Communication Project:> Our app provides the opportunity […]