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Being diagnosed with aphasia after a stroke or brain injury can cause frustration and stress, not only for survivors but also for their caregivers. Often their caregivers find themselves dealing with an entirely “new” loved one—with a different personality, new physical challenges, and impaired communication skills. The severity of the person’s condition depends on the […]

Q. How long is a piece of string? A. That is exactly how long the rehabilitation process is. Of course, this is nonsense. It depends on a number of things. There is, for example, the medical condition – or how much damage there is to the brain. Then there is the care and support someone […]

Did you ever have an obstacle that no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you try, that it’s not fixing the problem? You try so hard to have all the angles with no solutions. You get frustrated. You get agitated. You get fanatic. You get angry. Believe me, you’re […]

From National Stroke Association: Faces of Stroke is a multimedia public awareness campaign that aims to show the personal side of stroke while educating about lifesaving stroke information through personal stories of stroke champions. The gallery is categorized by survivors, caregivers and family and healthcare professionals. Read or submit your Story.

OK, boys and girls, listen up! Got a minute? Then, enjoy my video because I need your support! Experiencing a massive stroke at the age of 27 and losing my ability to speak initially, I understand firsthand the unexpected events life can bring. (Trust me on this…) Thus, I am joining the Heart Walk ’14 […]

Growing with Acceptance, By Jeanette Davidson, reprinted by permission from The Stroke Network. Inspirationals After my stroke, I spent a lot of time learning to live in the present moment. I have always loved to write, so I began writing what I call Inspirationals. They were a way for me to stay in a place […]

Check out the TouchTalk device now! The TouchTalk™ is portable, accessible, and a full-featured language system. With a touchscreen and lightweight carrying case, it’s our most convenient device. To explore this device with your clients today, please call Lingraphica at 888-274-2742.

A parable unfolds concerning an unique approach: is “normal” a good quality, a bad quality or nothing at all? Let me explain a lesson about a terrible, yet uplifting circumstance with respect to my outlook… The Bad – The Honest Truth Looking at an objective aspect of being “normal”, I am a mess of time […]

Constant Therapy

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Constant Therapy is a customizable iPad application to support the rehabilitation efforts of stroke survivors. It offers 60+ tasks with up to 10 challenge levels, allowing for personalized activity programs for each individual. As performance scores change, tasks can change in the level of difficulty and new tasks can be introduced. Constant Therapy provides tools […]

Another great article from Stroke Smart on what you can do at home after Therapy. Stroke recovery does not end with therapy. Neurophysical therapist Steven Keller describes low-intensity workouts he suggests for many of his stroke survivor patients. You’ve undergone countless hours of physical and occupational therapy, but those have ended. You want to keep […]