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Life Participation Approach to Aphasia – A Statement of Values for the Future by the LPAA Project Group (in alphabetical order: Roberta Chapey, Judith F. Duchan, Roberta J. Elman, Linda J. Garcia, Aura Kagan, Jon Lyon, and Nina Simmons Mackie) Unprecedented changes are occurring in the way treatment for aphasia is viewed and reimbursed. These […]

We are a social enterprise developing apps to help people with aphasia. Our CEO Aviva Cohen was inspired to start Neuro Hero after her husband Steve had a stroke in 2006 leaving him with severe expressive aphasia. Their story was recently documented as part of the International Communication Project:> Our app provides the opportunity […]

Do you have “tip of the tongue” sometimes when you are communicating with other people? Join the party! My post talks about language at all its glory, vocabulary and OMG! Read More

Birth Injury Guide is a comprehensive informational website on all types of birth injuries. Our goal is to provide helpful information and guidance to parents if their child was born with a birth injury. Find out More.

Generally speaking, my karma (most of the time) is calm, comfortable and laid back; at least, now. However, from time to time, to be honest, I am still very agitated about the “little things” in my life; you know, the mundane routine that are performed, but that some people didn’t get the message which burned […]

Do you fear the uncertainty a life changing event forces upon you? Whether it is, an accident, some kind of tumour, a brain injury, a stroke. How do you overcome the impact of a major calamity? How do you build a new life? Whatever the reason, we just don’t cope very well with sudden, unexpected […]

Online Speech Pathology is a website designed to connect prospective students who are interested in pursuing a degree in speech pathology with the school and program that best meet their educational needs. We provide not only an extensive list of accredited online colleges and universities, but also provide a wealth of information pertaining to […]

Words. Words are powerful. Exciting. Thought-provoking. Invigorating. Words, in the right context and usage, can be a dynamic catalyst for creative thinking and solid results. However, using the wrong words either in content or meaning may be disastrous. How many times have we seen dialogue turn ugly just because the words that they said were […]

The TalkPath Therapy app for the iPad® is the only speech therapy solution that lets users work online or offline on their exercises. When you download the app and create a FREE account during the extended FREE trial you have access to 4,600 exercises in four categories: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It’s easy to […]

Lingraphica Introduces Award-Winning Integrated iPad App and Cloud-Based Speech Therapy Solution to Help Survivors of Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury Recover Language Skills Posted 6/25/14: The Aphasia Company leverages cutting-edge technology and thirty years of experience to launch innovative solution that clinicians are already hailing as “life changing” Lingraphica, The Aphasia Company, today introduced the […]