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Our 30 yr old daughter Teresa was not the usual aphasia patient.  Rather than being the result of a stroke, her aphasia was caused by brain tumor growth, at end stage GBM brain cancer. Teresa’s voice and ability to speak faded away over the period of a month.   As her voice slipped away, along […]

Some time ago someone asked me what happens when one has a stroke. Since every stroke is different I didn’t want to give him a description of my stroke. We have to remember that some people hardly notice it, while others have an inkling that something is wrong, and others again feel it quite violently. […]

We should stress at the outset of this article that the advice of anyone’s doctor should not be eschewed in favor of an untried, untested ‘alternative’ remedy. Before launching upon any course of alternative therapy, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor regarding the wisdom of doing so! However, some aphasia […]

We live in a two-handed world. Following a stroke or limb injury the transition from managing life with two hands to surviving with one can seem almost impossible. This handbook provides step-by-step instructions for practical everyday life tasks and recreational activities. The easy tools provided are simple to implement with the primary aim to live […] is a website dedicated to conducting data driven and unbiased research about topics that can help make an impact in people’s lives. They recently published Disability Benefits Guide for 2016. In the course of their research, they found that most people who have become or already living with disabilities are not fully aware of […]

Blog by Herb Zimmerman: These are just some of the areas that I engaged and enrich my life so much. And then I think how fortunate I am that my communication skills and brainpower is almost back to the way it was originally (I think.) Suffering a massive stroke and acquiring aphasia, a language disorder […]

Sharp Synaptics, LLC is a team of students and they’re building apps for people with Aphasia. Their first app was just released which is intended to be used in a hospital setting to allow stroke patients to communicate basic needs during their hospital stay. They have 2 more apps that will be ready by end […]

Brenda Biggs gets one day a week to herself. She has one day to catch a breath from her part-time job as a grant writer for a local city government, an active social life and being the caregiver for her partner, John, who has cerebral palsy. Despite the chaos, Brenda says she wouldn’t have it […]

Aphasia is a challenging condition that can take months, or even years. Unfortunately, many patients can find that their insurance coverage has run out before they are fully on the mend. This can be very frustrating, since patients can find that help ends just when they have begun making big strides in their recovery. Private […]

Children who are victims of medical malpractice often suffer significant injury or death during the birthing process. Some medical negligence cases involving children include Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, and Shoulder Dystocia. Many times the negligence goes unreported due to the parents’ unawareness and/or because the child’s injuries are less than catastrophic. Our goal is to […]