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The USA has the ADA, the United Kingdom has the Equality Act, and Germany has the Behinderten- gleichstellungsgesetz? Here in NZ we have the Public Health and Disability Act. Wherever it is, they are all based on, or contain parts of, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 
Of course we […]

This March, Boston University plays host to AphasiaAccess’ inaugural Leadership Summit. Over the course of two days, the aphasia community will come together to share the latest in research, models in best practices and generally support each other in our efforts to care for patients with aphasia and their families. The speakers roster is a […]

AphasiaAccess, is an Alliance of Life Participation Providers Their Mission… AphasiaAccess: Growing a network of healthcare, business, and community leaders to advance lifelong communicative access for people with aphasia. Who they are… If you are a community advocate who yearns to start an aphasia program (or strengthen your current program), AphasiaAccess is your pathway to […]

As a stroke survivor, you know all too well what it feels like to be in an emergency medical situation. You’re scared and anxious, your family is worried, and emergency responders are working hard to find out more about you and your medical history. You can’t predict an emergency, but you can plan for it. […]

Resolutions: Stick to the Purpose It’s funny, because we always talk about resolutions around this time, don’t we? And, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of articles about how you can improve or produce or create something incredible to start the new year with a bang. As a matter of fact, reading an article […]

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Software Advice, a company that reviews speech therapy EMR software, recently published a report about patient usage of speech therapy software for home practice. They found that Speech therapy software is a great way to keep speech therapy going long after Insurance or Medicare runs out. Current data reflects adult and child patients alike are using […]

Mental Health and Recovery Resources 7% of people (that’s over 20 million in the US) have a major depressive disorder (1). More than HALF of these people do not get the treatment they need (2). We hope the following resources can guide you and your loved ones to get the necessary help and support in […]

This from The Consumer Justice Foundation Empowering the People, Not Insurance Companies and Large Corporations The Consumer Justice Foundation is a for profit organization that is dedicated to providing educational resources and an effective voice for consumers that were injured, wronged or feel big business is pushing them around. Our goal is to shed light […]

We are like layers, that’s what the ogre said. To put this another way, a story begins… $64,000 Question From time to time, I have been very humble to be a guest motivational speaker to audiences both large and small. My talk includes areas of determination, willpower and a “can do” attitude after a momentous […]

A message from Public Nearly 1 in 5 people – 56.7 million – have a disability in the U.S. (1). Those with disabilities are more likely than those without disabilities to report having poorer overall health, less access to adequate healthcare and more engagement in risky behaviors such as smoking and physical inactivity (2). […]