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Power. Wealth. The brass ring. Money. $$$. That’s how I felt a long time ago. Because I was in my late 20s, making an outstanding salary and on top of the world, I was very gaudy about it. I thought, “This is the life…” Read Blog

From the time I had my stroke in February 2002, an embolic cerebrovascular accident with severe aphasia, I struggled for my freedom, to be seen, heard and listened to by businesses, governmental agencies and religious institutions. In the main they dealt with me as invisible, voiceless, and politically isolated. In the continuum of raw passions […]

God knows my speech therapist worked daily, Monday to Friday, attentively and conscientiously, to help me get my limited speech, by stages, back; I will be beholden to her every day for the rest of my life. She was in the trenches with me and the rest of my aphasiacs sweating out each letter, syllable […]

There are two kinds of change – voluntary and involuntary change. Whereby voluntary, means “with our consent”. Celebrating a long awaited promotion, tying the knot, buying a house, our children’s wedding, the birth of our grandchildren, retirement, etc.. They are the happy occasions. On the other hand are the not so pleasant changes. Those with […]