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Florence Weiner is an award-winning author of eight books on disability and recovery. Working with the renowned Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York, Florence wrote, Recovering at Home with a Heart Condition and Recovering at Home After a Stroke. Her book, No Apologies, was a best seller, about the personal stories of people […]

In an instant, forty-nine-year-old Allison O’Reilly went from being an active woman engaged in her family, the challenges of daily life, and a career as director of marketing for a Fortune 100 company to a life struggle to regain her independence. In Out of the Darkness, she shares her personal story of experiencing a brain […]

A true story of a mother finding hope for her daughter born with cerebral palsy due to a stroke at birth. This journey takes you through many difficult challenges with this family along with 12 years of doctors saying there is no cure. One day they discover a doctor who was able to help and […]

When David Dow was ten years old, his life suddenly changed due to a massive stroke. The stroke left him paralyzed on the right side and gave him aphasia, leaving him unable to speak, read, or write. Brain Attack shares David’s story with frankness, humor, and most of all, with hope. David Dow is an […]

If you have a desire to learn about affordable technologies and would like help determining what resources can be used to help children experience greater success and independence, please read on. This updated guide provides information for families, teachers, and therapists who would like to learn about mainstream as well as specialized tools that can […]

In his book “Brain Injury” Living a Productive Life After a Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, Walt Kilcullen shares practical knowledge he has learned as a mentor. In addition to his personal experience, experts on assorted issues were located. Walt was able to ask questions and receive enlightened answers. For example in the chapter on […]

After suffering a stroke and the onset of aphasia Dr. Ruth Resch engaged successfully in the difficult process of separating the ‘verbal mind’ from the visual mind, thereby providing a platform for arousing previously enjoyed pleasures in painting, drawing, and music. These evolved as places of rest and avenues of healing fulfillment. As a person […]

Expressive and written language workbook for stroke survivors diagnosed with aphasia for use at home and therapy. Contains straightforward instructions for family members to use this workbook at home to increase expressive language of their loved one diagnosed with aphasia. Includes 70 full color photographs of functional objects to increase naming ability and full color […]

Fall is here and it’s time for new reading ventures! If you have been thinking that reading/book group might be for you, this is a great time to start. From our current readers: “Book club is awesome!” “It is challenging, but fun.” “It feels great to complete a whole book.” “I didn’t think I could […]

This thoroughly revised and updated Fifth Edition is the most comprehensive resource on aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders from the most distinguished authorities of our time. This classic text has been used by graduate speech language pathology students for over 25 years, and continues to be the definitive resource across the speech sciences for […]