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This is in response to the article that appeared in the New York Times on March 7, 2014: Click on Article It’s called “Aphasia”. Ever the aphasia advocate, the Executive Director of National Aphasia Association, Ellayne Ganzfried, immediately wrote to the NY Times about the omission of the word “Aphasia”. They are pleased to announce […]

MONDION, France — ONE early evening a week before last Christmas, I sat down at my desk to answer a letter. But just as I was about to write the first words, I felt as if they were escaping me, vanishing into air before reaching the paper. I was surprised but not concerned. I was […]

Introduction: After many years of rehabilitation, and numerous counselling sessions with, not only other stroke survivors, but also, other people who have experienced a life-changing event of some sort, this article looks at how patients reflect on their rehabilitation. It asks: is enough being done to assist the patient to regain control of his/her life […]

I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me About… Jim Sinclair shares. Over the past ten years, on many occasions members of my support groups have started statements with this beginning. Three years ago, in a support group meeting, a survivor named Marcia made the statement that she wished someone would have told her about many […]

This Posted to Stroke Smart by Kevin Vicker Sep 24 2013 About a month after a major stroke in January 2012, U.S. Senator Mark Kirk received a letter of encouragement from Jackson Cunningham, a fellow stroke survivor. Kirk says Jackson’s letter was by far the best he received. The two quickly became pen pals and […]

Walt Kilcullen writes of his experience as a Stroke Mentor. Click on Great Article! For this complete article and others, click on NEWSLETTER and search by Month/Volume and Year (March, Vol 3, 2014)

An article posted to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s website. When Donna K. Arnett, Ph.D., became the volunteer president of the American Heart Association in 2012, she was hailed as the first epidemiologist to serve in the role. What many people didn’t know is, she is also the first stroke survivor to lead the […]

This is from Blog @VerbalApp: In His Own Words: A Stroke Patient’s Road to Recovery A gentleman who suffered a stroke several years ago volunteered to share his inspiring story in his own words. “I had a Stroke 4 years ago in June 2009. It is technically called a L CVA. Part of my brain […]

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Diana Green became a stroke survivor more than two years ago, but remembers the night as if it just happened. She was watching TV and had just called her son, who was away at college. But she could not speak. Aphasia is a neurological condition caused by damage to the areas of the brain that […]