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In 2001, Lauren’s Hope introduced the very first interchangeable medical ID bracelet, and overnight, people who had grudgingly worn, or even refused to wear, the standard, plain metal medical ID bracelets of the past suddenly had attractive, durable, stylish options they could enjoy wearing and change to suit their mood, outfit, or activity. Today, more […]

Janska started with a simple dream of one jacket to help a friend live with dignity, comfort, and ease after a stroke. The company has grown to include five unique collections of women’s outerwear and accessories found in over 900 specialty boutiques and several catalogs across the U.S. and Canada. National Stroke Association is proud […]

Having trouble getting around and don’t have or want a smartphone? GoGoGrandparent makes it easy to call an Uber from a regular phone. Just call (310) 400 – 5082, press 1 and they will send a car out to your home. To return, call their number and press 2. You can speak with an operator […]

Accessible Reading with Aphasia Many of us enjoy reading. However, aphasia (a language difficulty following stroke) can make reading difficult. People with aphasia say that they miss reading for pleasure – newspapers, magazines, letters, emails, books or whatever. There is very little reading matter that is aphasia-friendly AND for adults. This website aims to give […]

A guide on internet for seniors that has been put together by experts in the field to offer support to people with basic knowledge of using the internet. Learn More

Health Unify

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Being healthy is a synonym to being happy. Genuine care and monitoring your lifestyle like how you eat, sleep, breath & exercise will define the quality of your life. It is important that all of them remain in sync for healthy life. Hence you need a “unified” approach to health. Our mission is to help […]


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Drugwatch Helps People Who Were Injured By Dangerous Drugs And Medical Devices. Search Here

What is Aquatic Therapy? Aquatic therapy (also called water therapy, hydrotherapy, and pool therapy) is using a warm water pool facility to perform physical therapy. It is designed to help the survivor using both the buoyancy of the water and the resistance of the water to improve balance, strength, and to reduce chronic pain. It […]

A good article on “How to Handle Difficult Dating Scenarios Post-stroke”. Having survived a stroke is nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. In fact, surviving a stroke and moving forward with your life in a positive way should be a source of pride. Read On*

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A message from We just created a comprehensive guide for people living with disabilities. Our guide aims to help make the federal grants available to seniors, veterans, and disabled people much easier to understand and take advantage of, particularly for remodeling homes for accessibility. The reason we made is to help people make […]