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We all played games as kids whether they were organized sports, family board games or imaginary characters. All of our games were intrinsic in the development of language, executive function and problem solving. We were only limited by how far we could go in a neighborhood or resources. This is the environment in which our […]

After a stroke it is not unusual for a survivor to want to drive again as quickly as possible. Independence, freedom and being able to get around are all important. But, above all else, safety behind the wheel should come first. Brain damage after a stroke can change how you operate a vehicle. Some physical […]

Many people without stroke knowledge mistake a seizure for a stroke because they can look the same as they occur. Strokes and Seizures should not be confused. They are vastly different. A seizure is usually brief and the person recovers after a short time. A stroke is a longer episode and almost always leaves some […]

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At teachigo we know finding a tutor isn’t easy. We make the process much simpler, you can avoid the high charges of tutor agencies. We don’t take commission from any of our tutors or tutees! To start using teachigo, why not try out our search, where you can find tutors or tuition jobs. Find out […]

Shop Stroke has launched new, exclusive gift items in our CafePress powered online store—just in time for the holidays! From golf balls to journals to ornaments, the caregiver or survivor in your life is covered. Check out our special Holiday 2013 gift lists to make your shopping a breeze. Shop Now

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Returning to Work After a Stroke, a posting by National Stroke Association’s “Faces of Stroke”. Nearly one quarter of all strokes occur in people under the age of 65. Of those, nearly 50 percent will return to a full- or part-time job. Depending on the severity of the stroke, a stroke survivor might need weeks […]

What is global aphasia?, an article posted by Global aphasia is an acquired language disorder involving severe impairments in both comprehension and production. What causes global aphasia? It is caused by injuries to language-processing areas of the brain, notably Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas. Most often, the injuries are the result of a large middle-cerebral-artery […]

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a stressful task – living with a disability is hard enough. The concept for MagnaReady™ came about when my husband was diagnosed at an early age with Parkinsons disease. By trade he is a college football coach. One day after a game he was trapped in the locker room unable to […]

This article posted by Lauren Lechner Sep 16 2013 in Stroke Smart Your cholesterol may be one of your biggest stroke risk factors—controlling it may help prevent a stroke. What Is It? Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in every cell of the body. It travels through your bloodstream and helps your body create hormones […]