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Another great article from Stroke Smart on what you can do at home after Therapy. Stroke recovery does not end with therapy. Neurophysical therapist Steven Keller describes low-intensity workouts he suggests for many of his stroke survivor patients. You’ve undergone countless hours of physical and occupational therapy, but those have ended. You want to keep […]

Initially, in the early days after my stroke, I felt like I LOST so much of myself and my capabilities. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t use the computer, cook a meal, or do laundry. Most importantly, I couldn’t think or process information. Working was not an option. I felt like I deserted […]

Another great article from StrokeNet by By David Wasielewski As a Peer Counselor and Stroke Group Facilitator I get to see the whole variety of stroke circumstances. Stroke affects individuals in different ways. Individuals react in different ways to their stroke. There is huge variety of social and medical support that each individual has as […]

Florence Weiner is an award-winning author of eight books on disability and recovery. Working with the renowned Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York, Florence wrote, Recovering at Home with a Heart Condition and Recovering at Home After a Stroke. Her book, No Apologies, was a best seller, about the personal stories of people […]

Simple, yet direct, a query arises: Why do I do my blog? Good question, grasshopper. Actually, there are several reasons uncovered around why I decided to dive in and be a blogger. Part of it is: To Be Unique To be completely honest, I really didn’t want to do this blog at all at the […]

Article Posted by Emily Shearing Aug 20 2014 Physical therapy is a necessary part of stroke recovery. But gaining back muscle strength is just one part of the process. Recreational therapy helps stroke survivors return to their favorite pre-stroke activities, whether it’s hiking, playing board games, or cooking. Bill Mramor, a recreational therapist at University […]

Article Posted by Lisa O’Neill Hill on Aug 15 2014 When you’re a caregiver for someone recovering from a stroke, every minute counts. Berenice Kleiman knows that all too well. Kleiman, the author of “One Stroke, Two Survivors” and “Lessons Learned,” has been caring for her husband, Herb, since his stroke 13 years ago. “Time […]

Blog posted August 14, 2021 by Herb Silverman Look into my eyes. What do I see? I am flexible, through and through. However, as the tale begins, most people are in two camps. Let me explain: A Beacon Since 1998, I have been a guest speaker, sharing my personal stories and leveraging the power of […]

An article posted August 7, 2021 by HERB SILVERMAN Usually wound up like a top, for years, I stressed to the max. As I told you before in my blog, I am a perfectionist. I always try to achieve as much as I can. Sometimes, I am worried because I think I should have attempted […]

Full time; on call 24/7; skills required: anything you can think of, multi-tasking compulsory; not even minimum pay; no holidays; applicants must be able to cope in a busy job. Would you answer a ‘Situations Vacant’ ad like this? Probably not. Yet, there are millions of people who do jobs like this. They are called […]