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Constant Therapy

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Constant Therapy is a customizable iPad application to support the rehabilitation efforts of stroke survivors. It offers 60+ tasks with up to 10 challenge levels, allowing for personalized activity programs for each individual. As performance scores change, tasks can change in the level of difficulty and new tasks can be introduced. Constant Therapy provides tools […]

We are a social enterprise developing apps to help people with aphasia. Our CEO Aviva Cohen was inspired to start Neuro Hero after her husband Steve had a stroke in 2006 leaving him with severe expressive aphasia. Their story was recently documented as part of the International Communication Project:> Our app provides the opportunity […]

APHASIA SOFTWARE FINDER A Free Online Resource for People with Aphasia and communication needs The aim of the Aphasia Software Finder is to help people with aphasia, their families and friends, speech and language therapists and/or academics find software that could help improve communication. We are a registered charity [not for profit] and our sole […]

The all-new TalkPath Speech Therapy Apps! has updated reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises. The apps are designed to help rebuild important speech-language skills for adults with aphasia. Additional features include: NEW CONTENT – Each app has a minimum of 800 exercises to help rebuild important speech-language skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Some, […]

TalkPath™ Suite of Therapy Apps Working with a team of speech-language pathologists, Lingraphica developed the TalkPath Suite of Speech Therapy Apps to help adults rebuild speech lost due to stroke or other brain injury. With easy-to-use features unique to our TalkPath apps, users can practice on their own or with the help of a speech-language […]

Naming TherAppy is also targeted toward aphasia patients. There are four options: naming practice, naming test, describe and flashcards. Naming practice will show and describe a picture, then ask the user to name the object. Describe does the opposite, it shows a photo and asks the user to describe how it looks, tastes, smells, etc. […]

CakeHealth is designed to make tracking your healthcare costs and benefits easier. After registering online, the app connects to your health insurance and imports your health information. Users can check on their bills and see their remaining benefits anytime on any computer. Items are broken down using graphs and pie charts, making the app easy […]

Cozi is a calendar app aimed at keeping families in sync. But it can be used as a great tool for multiple caregivers involved in the care of a stroke survivor. The features include a shared calendar that is color-coded for each person. It keeps track of appointments and assigns which caregiver is involved and […]

The Lingraphica TalkPath Suite of Speech Therapy Apps for your iPad gives adults with aphasia or apraxia therapy activities designed to help rebuild speech lost due to stroke or other brain injury. Read More

Pittsburgh, PA, September 18, 2013 – DynaVox Inc. (OTC:DVOX), the leading provider of speech generating solutions and symbol-adapted special education software that assists individuals with overcoming their speech, language and learning challenges, proudly announced today the launch of an entirely new technology platform, fully leveraging cloud and tablet technologies. This platform sets a new standard […]