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Support Showcase is their American Heart/Stroke Association’s new department highlighting the good work being done by stroke support groups from around the nation. If you are part of a successful support group that should be considered being featured, let them know! To find a support group near you, try the American Stroke Association’s Support Group […]

As stroke survivors we are all aware of how difficult the first few months and first few years are for new stroke survivors. No matter how loving, capable, and supportive our families; we are still all alone within our bodies dealing with this devastating event. Even if we have been fortunate enough to have had […]

Peter, with the help of his daughter, is offering accessible one-on-one support to anyone who needs it. Who is Peter? Peter Andrews is a stroke survivor who has aphasia. He cannot read or write, but he can speak. After 7 years of recovery, he wants to help others with aphasia adapt to and overcome their […]

Another great article from StrokeNet by By David Wasielewski As a Peer Counselor and Stroke Group Facilitator I get to see the whole variety of stroke circumstances. Stroke affects individuals in different ways. Individuals react in different ways to their stroke. There is huge variety of social and medical support that each individual has as […]

Utah State University Speech Language Department has recently started an Aphasia Support Group. The Aphasia Support Group will meet every Friday afternoon at Utah State University Speech Language-Hearing Center: 1000 Old Main Hill Lillywhite Building Logan, UT 84322-1000 Contact: Debbie Amundson: (435) 797-1375 Email:

Wolfgang Wolf has worked as a counselor and mentor to other stroke survivors since 2006. “Most patients can’t wait to get out of the hospital and get on with life,” Wolf writes in his blog, “The glass is half full. Little do they know what life change they will be experiencing. Part of [the] change […]

The MGH Institute Aphasia Center assists adults who have partial or total inability to produce or understand speech as a result of brain damage caused by injury or disease such as people who have had a stroke. Find out more by clicking on Aphasia Center.

Step inside the Aphasia Resource Center at Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. You’ll sense very quickly that we are truly a community—individuals with aphasia, their families and friends interacting with clinicians, researchers and students. We provide a place not only for learning to live with aphasia but also for sharing […]

Here are 5 Reasons.

The Stroke Network, Inc. is an on-line stroke support organization and are available to everybody, worldwide. Since 1996 they have provided on-line stroke support and information to well over 250,000 visitors to the site. The Stroke Network is the homepage for a network of several other smaller web sites owned by The Stroke Network Inc. […]