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Pain Management

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A new, drug-free, long-term pain management therapy that may help reduce your pain and improve quality of life –The StimRouter™ Neuromodulation System StimRouter is a minimally-invasive therapy cleared by the FDA for the treatment of chronic peripheral nerve pain. Bioness is focused on bringing relief to Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain often occurring as the result of […]

Music therapy can help stroke survivors with speech and language cognition, lift their moods, and improve coordination by having stroke survivors walk to the beat of the music. Why can music be such a powerful tool in a stroke survivor’s recovery? As Erin Wegener, a music therapist at Spectrum Health in Michigan, explains, music accesses […]

We should stress at the outset of this article that the advice of anyone’s doctor should not be eschewed in favor of an untried, untested ‘alternative’ remedy. Before launching upon any course of alternative therapy, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor regarding the wisdom of doing so! However, some aphasia […]

Music is “The art of expression by sound” so what better therapy could we use for helping our brains to express themselves. We have all felt the power of music, whilst dancing, singing and relaxing, music affects our moods, and music can heal! Think of your brain as being built from 10 million fried eggs! […]

Treating a stroke may involve drugs, surgery, or other therapies. Treatments for stroke vary depending on whether the stroke is caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or a brain bleed (hemorrhagic stroke). Not matter the type of stroke, acting fast and seeking treatment as quickly as possible is key to reducing the risk of […]

MusicGlove is a fun and effective rehabilitation device that helps restore hand function for individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other neurologic injuries. MusicGlove treatment motivates users to exercise through our custom therapy based music game. This makes it easy to perform the large number of repetitions needed to […]

Another great article from Stroke Smart on what you can do at home after Therapy. Stroke recovery does not end with therapy. Neurophysical therapist Steven Keller describes low-intensity workouts he suggests for many of his stroke survivor patients. You’ve undergone countless hours of physical and occupational therapy, but those have ended. You want to keep […]

Article Posted by Emily Shearing Aug 20 2014 Physical therapy is a necessary part of stroke recovery. But gaining back muscle strength is just one part of the process. Recreational therapy helps stroke survivors return to their favorite pre-stroke activities, whether it’s hiking, playing board games, or cooking. Bill Mramor, a recreational therapist at University […]

Article Posted by Emily Shearing on Jun 26 2014 From rebuilding your muscles to working out your brain, recovering from a stroke is a combination of challenging both body and mind. While physical therapy is a common and often successful form of rehabilitation post-stroke, continuing treatment in the months and years after can be pricey, […]

Life Participation Approach to Aphasia – A Statement of Values for the Future by the LPAA Project Group (in alphabetical order: Roberta Chapey, Judith F. Duchan, Roberta J. Elman, Linda J. Garcia, Aura Kagan, Jon Lyon, and Nina Simmons Mackie) Unprecedented changes are occurring in the way treatment for aphasia is viewed and reimbursed. These […]