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The healthcare field is exploding with opportunity. The vast population of aging baby-boomers and because people are living longer has increased the demand for well-trained healthcare professionals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the career field of medical assisting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that employment for medical assistants will increase by […] ( is a social networking website out to give everyone the tools, ability and network to love themselves. By providing the community a social network where people stand for the happiness of others, providing them with confidence, love, fun and the ability to be to be a powerful leader. The community offers all of […]


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myStroke …every stroke is unique A stroke can happen to anyone, any age, with no warning whatsoever. This website is to help other people who’ve had a stroke, their family or carers or people who want to find out more information on strokes. On myStroke there is lots of information, stroke articles, stroke videos, a […] RESOURCES FOR STROKE SPEECH THERAPY, STROKE THERAPY, STROKE APHASIA If you are looking for solutions for speech therapy challenges affecting stroke survivors, we urge you to read further. This site is devoted specifically to dealing with the communication disorder of Aphasia that may occur after a stroke. Aphasia is a disorder resulting from damage […]

The goal of SSDRC.COM, the Social Security Disability Resource Center, is to inform readers about how the Social Security Disability and SSI Disability process works from start to finish. This includes what to expect before, during, and after a disability application has been processed, common mistakes that need to be avoided, and what to do […]

Our online reading program teaches phonics in a way that makes sense for each child: The exercises are fun-and the curriculum adapts to kids’ specific needs, so they learn the basics (and beyond) their own way. Give them great characters, an intriguing plot and the thrill of discovery and kids will ask for StudyDog every […]


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React2 is an online-based, interactive speech therapy tool for people living with aphasia after a stroke or brain injury and those with learning difficulties. Looking for help after stroke or brain injury? If someone you care for is recovering from a stroke or brain injury, or living with long term communication difficulties, then you will […]

Accredited Online Colleges is a general information website with many resources useful to all people looking to further their education. The site discusses the offline and online educational paths one can follow to obtain a degree from an accredited institution. As a valuable resource to anyone interested in pursuing a degree, Accredited Online Colleges is […]

A great source for articles on Brain and Spinal Cord injuries.

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A resource for movement disorders