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American Music Therapy

The mission of the American Music Therapy Association is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world

Aphasia and related web rings

Satyam Foundation is a California based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the occurrence, disabilities and death associated with Brain Attack or Stroke. Our mission is disease prevention and health promotion. This website intends to create Stroke Awareness among Americans and help Stroke patients or those who are at risk for a Brain Attack or Stroke. For more information, click on Brain Attack Foundation

Talking Mats and Aphasia

Talking Mats was originally developed by The AAC (Alternative and Augmetative Communication) Research Unit to support people with communication impairmentSince its original conception, additional research has taken place and now it is an established communication tool, which uses a mat with pictures symbols attached as the basis for communication. It is designed to help people with communication difficulties to think about issues discussed with them, and provide them with a way to effectively express their opinions.

Talking Mats can help people arrive at a decision by providing a structure where information is presented in small chunks supported by symbols. It gives people time and space to think about information, work out what it means and say what they feel in a visual way that can be easily recorded.

Talking Mats is actively being used across many diverse specialist areas and encompasses people with and without communication difficulties. Individuals using Talking Mats find it enjoyable and easy to use, as it provides them with a simple but effective, non-threatening way of expressing themselves.

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The Internet Stroke Center

The Internet Stroke Center exists to advance understanding of stroke research and clinical care. Their goal is to provide current, professional, un-biased information about stroke. The information on this site is obtained from published accounts, meeting presentations, internet searches, and direct correspondence.

To view their site, click on Stroke Center and search for “aphasia”.


This website puts you in touch with family and friends when a loved one suffers a stroke or other illness. You can use this link to get information out as long as you need…and it’s Free. Click on Care Pages

Generation S is an informal, interactive, information zone where you are invited to look around, drop them a line and share your stories. Stop back often … because they’re a work in progress. Young stroke survivors, caregivers, medical personnel … you’re all welcome here! Click on Generation S

A Healthy Me!

Read a good article on Stroke and its effecfts by clicking hereand searching for stroke.

For Aphasia, click here and searching for Aphasia.

This site is a good one for all health issues. For information regarding aphasia, enter “aphasia” in the search box. Click on