EPCOM ENTERPRISES Videotapes for Stroke and Aphasia

Thank you for your interest in the videotapes “Pathways: Moving Beyond Stroke and Aphasia” and “What is Aphasia?”. (VHS format appx. 30 minutes each; broadcast quality). We designed these materials in an effort to help support all stroke survivors and family members who must cope with this traumatic event. We believe in the power of connection with others and that shared knowledge lends a hand in healing and moving forward through recovery.

“Pathways: Moving Beyond Stroke and Aphasia” portrays six families as they move through recovery after stroke and aphasia.. Highly encouraging, this videotape tells each family’s story, disclosing the steps taken and issues explored as they journeyed through recovery to ultimately grow beyond illness and resume very meaningful, yet different, lives.

“What is Aphasia?” portrays the same families helping the viewer to understand communication loss through personal illustration and metaphor, as well as how to successfully interact with individuals who have aphasia.

Both videotapes are targeted toward stroke survivors and family members and are appropriate teaching tools for families, friends, caregivers, health care professionals, and students. They are suitable resource materials for medical, school and public libraries, hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, and home health care agencies.

To order tapes complete the following and return to:
47186 Scarlet Drive S.
Novi, MI 48374

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_____ Copies of What is Aphasia?
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Cost: single tape $49
* two or more tapes $42 each
plus $5.00 shipping and handling
Total Enclosed: ___________
Please make check or money order payable to EPCOM Enterprises

For further information contact:
Beth Pfalzgraf
[email protected]

Susan Ewing
[email protected]

Source: www.aphasiahope.org