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cognition and affect
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Replies: 2 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2021-08-14 14:20:17 - By: carole pomilio
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Helene Durham

Posts: 1
2021-04-26 23:55:27

My husband was quite sexually active following his stroke. I believe he simply wanted to make sure everything funtioned. He then went in the opposite direction. He doesn’t demonstrate any desire to be with me intimately. Yet it had been proven a maximum of four isolated times in four years the he doesn’t have a problem with achieving an erection. What do you think the problem is?

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carole pomilio

Posts: 47
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Dear Helene,
I am sorry for your frustration. You might try talking to your spouse about your situation and maybe the two of you could work on this problem together. Also, you might want to talk to your family physician about his situation, he may be more knowledge on this topic than I. One more option is to contact a marriage counselor for advice on this type of situation. I am sorry I can’t be of more help to you this area is out of my realm of expertise. Good Luck!
Carole Pomilio

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