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2021-04-26 00:03:56

Thanks for all your msg’s…hearing about everything helps in some weird way, Anyway, my mom of 6 3 had a stroke just a month ago. She is currently in a skilled nursing/rehab facility but we assume insurance will prob drop the ax soon. Anyway, there are 4 of 5 siblings here in state and I along with my younger sister currently live in my moms house. I was recently divorced and about to buy a condo when all this happened, so I am scared. Feel like my siblings expect me to be the caregiver and I dont know if I can be. I work full time, and am single and still want to move on and find a life and new husband. Has this come up with anyone? How do you handle it? Why would any sibling be better than another and why should it be me when I am not feeling capable?
Sorry about all your loved ones. My mom gets better all the time and I hope one day she will speak again. I miss her voice. I call her answering machine just to hear it.
Confused & Scared amd thanks for listening

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2022-01-01 00:00:00

I would called a meeting of all your brothers and sisters and explain what you just typed. This should be a family decision, not just put on one sibling.


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