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Replies: 2 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2021-07-21 20:21:00 - By: Roberta Elman
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Caitlin McElligott

Posts: 1
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Hi, My mom had a stroke 4 years ago and now has aphasia. She used to love reading, especially in the summertime. Now, she reads a ton of magazines and I feel like she really misses being able to get lost in a good book. I know it’s because she isn’t able to comprehend all the words in books. She needs simpler sentences and more pictures, I’m assuming. Is there anything out there that caters to this need? It would be a lovely idea wouldn’t it. to have almost “adult picture novels” I was just wondering if anything out there exists? Thanks!

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Roberta Elman

Posts: 49
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Dear Caitlin,

For avid readers, losing the ability to read for pleasure is said to be one of the biggest losses that people experience with aphasia.

My colleagues and I at the Aphasia Center of California have been quite active in creating the Book Connection (TM) program. We started doing our own Aphasia Book Clubs in 1999 and developed various materials for our participants. In 2004, we received funding to replicate our programs at 4 program sites in North America. During this time, we revised our materials with input from speech-language pathologists and people with aphasia. We created the resulting Book Connection (TM) manual and materials (for purchase) so that speech-language patholgists could start aphasia book clubs in their own communities.

To date, we have created “aphasia friendly” chapter-by-chapter materials for 18 popular adult books. It might be useful for you to look at the information about the Book Connection (TM) on our website: http://www.aphasiacenter.org
You’ll see a link to the materials on the left hand margin of our home page. Even if you don’t use these materials, you will see examples of them and might be able to adapt something for your mother.

Best, Roberta Elman

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