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Primary Progressive Aphasia
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Replies: 2 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2022-01-31 18:23:55 - By: Janet L. Whitney
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2021-04-26 00:03:56

I need a good website with information on primary progressive aphasia, my husband’s diagnosed condition. Is there any recently discovered treatment for this condition? Joe has had no strokes, no injuries, has no serious deterioration of the nerve casings, really nothing indicated in the MRI as a cause. I hope you can point out some source of information.

PS. Is there any report of the Parrot Software Program being a help to primary progressive aphasia patients?

Thank You!

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Janet L. Whitney

Posts: 49
2021-04-26 00:03:56

I’m puzzled about the fact that you have been given the diagnosis of PPA but no information about the condition. Who diagnosed PPA? A doctor? A speech pathologist? How is it that you did not get any information at the time of the diagnosis? Of course you could go to the internet and search under “Primary Progressive Aphasia” but I DO NOT recommend that you do that without professional guidance and support. You will get a lot of information, some of it contradictory, and unless you’re a health care professional yourself, a lot of the the information will be “gobbeldygook.” Please find a certified speech pathologist for help with understanding PPA and how you can help your husband.

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