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sandy moore

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2021-04-26 00:03:56

why do i speak fine one day and i the next i day i have problems again(this doesn’t include being tired). The cause of my aphasia was a blood clot that caused a stroke . I ‘ve come so far in my recovery this is disappionting. I have expressive aphasia.

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2022-01-01 00:00:00

Dear puzzled:
Variability is one of the hallmarks of aphasia. We don’t have a definitive answer on the sources of variability, but some people think that the normal swings in mood, emotions, and other things that affect body functions (hormones, endocrines, fatigue, amount of rest) play a role. Your question is indeed a puzzler and a lot of people would like to have an answer to it. I have a friend who is a big time baseball pitcher and he can’t figure out why some days his game is on and sometimes he gets knocked out of the box. He keeps asking, “Why can’t I be perfectly consistent and be on my game every time I pitch?” My answer (and it is not very satisfying) is “because you’re human.”
Just keep at it and strive for maximum improvement, but don’t get down when you plateau or your speech game is up and down. I wish the best to you.

Leonard LaPointe
Francis Eppes Professor of Communication Science & Disorders
Florida State University

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