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Landau-Kleffner Syndrome or Infantile Acquired Aphasia
Posted at: 2022-03-26 14:41:45
From our Professional for the Month of March, Nan Musson Nan Musson, MA, CCC-SLP; BC-NCD-A:

The aphasia or language problems that you have observed are a hallmark of the syndrome and as you know the syndrome is rare. Auditory comprehension (difficulty understanding words) as well as verbal/speech are typically impacted. Let me suggest that any treatments consider non-verbal strategies - for example: pictures in a photo album or picture book, pointing to objects, use of gestures or hand signals to assist with communication. Another option to assist with communication may be to consider drawing pictures. If she is able to point to pictures to assist with communication, she may be able to point to pictures on a computerized device. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) may be able to assist you in locating a speech-language pathologist with experience working in the area of pediatric aphasia or low technology augmentative/alternative communication devices. Let us know if we can assist with additional questions and I will check with our pediatric colleagues to see if they can provide additional suggestions.

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome or Infantile Acquired Aphasia
Posted at: 2022-03-05 18:15:36
Hello my name is Daniel and I have a 9 y/o recently diagnosed with Landau-Kleffner Syndrome or Infantile Acquired Aphasia, she was originally diagnosed with Autism but when her seizures started at 7 y/o she went through multiple tests and that is when she had the diagnosis of LKS, she has been aphasic since age 2 with only a few words spoken at any one time. There is not a lot of info about LKS and were wondering if you could help us, we have tried multiple treatments over the last couple of years and none seem to help, we still have multiple seizures weekly and very little improvement with speech. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Combs
[email protected]

Posted at: 2021-06-26 15:55:39
Hi Chris—I have posted your inquiry on our forum section of the Aphasia Hope website. I have emailed our Professional for the Month and she will post some suggestions for you soon. In the meantime I have some suggestions:

On the Home page of the Aphasia Hope website go to the right hand side and click on “Curriculum”. This will assist you in working with your husband.

Here are some other suggestions:
1 http://www.lingraphica.com is a wonderful site with articles and adaptive communication tools;
2. http://www.talkingmats.com has tools for communication

Also joining a support group would give you more suggestions. If you go on the National Aphasia website:www.aphasia.org/aphasia_community/aphasia_community_groups.html there is a list of support groups in your area

Also under our “Resource” tab there are links to all kinds of companies Our website crashed recently and I see that some of the links have been broken. I will be working on fixing those today so if you run into a problem Please try again.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful and I will make sure you receive the answer from our Professional.,
Sandy Caudell.

Husband’s Illness
Posted at: 2021-06-26 11:57:10
I am hoping you can help us with info. or what ever connections you can give me. My husband contacted a viral infection of the left temporal lobe of his brain in 2001 working in stagnated toxic flood waters at the Methodist Hospital when a tropical strom hit Houston Medical Center Downtown. He was over all the maintenance of the hospital and worked in that water unprotected and him and several others got ill and some have already died because of the neglagence of the hospital not giving them protective uniforms. Now my husband is very ill with aphasia and some memory problems. This started effecting him in 2002 like did all others who got various illnesses from this. He says only a few words that only he knows what they mean. He either shows me what he is talking about or I have to show him. It is very frustrating for both of us. Is there any books or machines or dvd’s or computerized things that I can do or find to help me with him. He is on ss disability and he is only 60 now, but I need info. and possible you can help me. I tried to get therapy for him but the ins. will only allow us 20 days. Dan need at least a year , but they told me it would cost me out of pocket 0.00 a day. I am only a school bus driver and I cannot afford this, but I need help for him before he loses more function of his brain. I need him to have some kind of stimulation and I found your web site helping you can help us with this condition.
Please email me or call me at 281-469-7715. We live in Houston and my husbands ins. is Humana Advantage through Medicare and it won’t pay for long term rehab.
Thank You
Re: Communication problems
Posted at: 2021-08-15 17:58:11
The correct url from the above post is: http://home.att.net/~bilway/

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