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Re: ok, hi jennie, you still around?
Posted at: 2022-03-07 18:08:36
Hi - yeah, im still here, how are things with you? Not much changing here. Yikes.

Hoping for a big miracle like everyone!!


Re: ok, hi jennie, you still around?
Posted at: 2022-03-07 18:07:33
Hi Yes, I am OK and hanging in there. Hubby is now 2 yrs post stroke and still cannot talk, read, write. Yikes.

I also had to take him off Kepra seizure med due to going into hugh rages. Now I am waiting for a physc appt for him to get some
anger meds evidently, citrampam isnt doing the trick.

Always something - would love to hear from you, hang in there and thanks for checking!!

Aphasia survivor needs motivation!
Posted at: 2022-01-17 09:43:26
I, the caregiver wife read so much on whats out there to help in his reading, writing, etc but for the life of me cannot get him to do any of those things. Drs. just give more anti depresents when I mention this! I am going to enroll him in speech at a local Wis Univ. as soon as he can get in. When I discuss this w/him I get a very strong “No.” He just cannot understand what I want to do to help, nor does he understand what he needs to get well. he cannot read, write or talk beyond yes/no. Do I just keep doing what Im doing and hope he will somehow go along w/it? its been a year post/stroke and hes mobile! And very good w/regular home routine stuff.
Re: childlike husband
Posted at: 2021-12-08 19:23:58
Diane, what has transpired since your last post? This is my first Xmas with this experience so feeling kind of down but trying to carry out as in past years (its tough!)

Hubby still cannot read, write, speak and its been almost a year!!!! Not a good feeling for me!

I’ve made a couple new caregiver friends, ones husband has aphasia, the other TBI. These gals have helped imensely! One is local, other out east. Let’s discuss more!

Re: childlike husband
Posted at: 2021-11-29 19:35:20
Diane, yes I see childlike “stuff” also. Husband suffered ischemic stroke 1/11/08, real slow progress since, cannot speak, read or write so its a long battle. I too wonder if the child stuff will go away, his favorite saying is “so what” to everything. He had extreme damage so I guess that says it all and this was such a smart guy who could tackle almost anything!!! We never had children and I am retirement age so hard for me to deal with child issues, I mainly just try to ignore them, he even calls me Mother on occasion. Quite the battle! You too??
stroke victim & allergies
Posted at: 2021-09-25 13:23:49
is there any ties to the above 2? I have had him at allergist for testing - just has normal all seasonal allergies as many do.

Dr said take claritin year round - he has something against this for some reason and it is difficult to get him to take - a real battle.

Claritin helps mostly but when off and the big allergy attacks come they are fierce and he is so miserable and so am I/the sole caregiver.. Takes a few days to calm down and all is well for a couple days till next outbreak.

He is aphasic so cannot tell me anything but no to the pill!

Any comments or help? Thanks!

This is such a great website and we need to hear from more Aphsia caregivers!!!
Posted at: 2021-08-31 12:38:47
I’d still like to hear from all of you spouses/caregivers out there ,there ,are so many aphsia victims .

Im still having a hard time coping 24/7, try to take one day at a time, tried therapy ($$$). I can only pray for some recovery and maybe my fears would be lessened. I guess its the unknown that is scary plus he’s not the guy I married anymore by a longshot. Aphasia robs you of many things doesn’t it.

I have posted a few times now, is everyone else coping ok - Id love to hear your thoughts!

How do I get him motivated and out of the house?
Posted at: 2021-08-31 12:24:58
My stroke survivor is very difficult to get out of the house just to see other surroundings.
We are alone 24/7, no family nearby and friends have pulled away. I think socialization of any kind would be helpful to the brain re-healing process am I wrong? He is quite strong in saying “no” to my suggestions which makes me so upset. Do I just leave him sit in the house, rest or TV watch? He seems physically fit to me, the main issues are aphasia & cognition.
Aphasia - I have high hopes for him!!!
Posted at: 2021-08-18 19:16:47
Its been awhile since I’ve posted so all my fellow caregivers its time to update and hear from all of you also!!!!

Hubby is now in his 8th mo of recovery, its hard to tell progress since we are together 24/7. Speech is still not there, nor are a lot of cognitive issues. I believe he knows everything Im saying in speaking to him. We still have a aphasia research project to enter and after that Ill explore speech in a Univ (by that time Winter will be upon us big time!!)

Anyway hes driving a car (all that came back) and he does excellent, We have Dr. permission also on this.

Hey everyone he even shot one of his rifles this weekend at a family get together (Dr also knew this).

All is not lost I guess - but too bad about the long term memory gone, forgot most of his past re: employment etc

My main thing is the language just want to hear a simple sentence and hopefully that will come eventually - when, no one can pinpoint!!

Oh, he has been cleaning out his closets and desk recently too, threw away so much of his past along with it but heck!!! Must have taken some cognitive thinking to even do that.

More later - let me know any of your thoughts or experiences aphasia caretakers!!
And, thanks all for listening!!!!!!

Husband is 7 mos - post stroke/very slow recovery!
Posted at: 2021-08-04 13:03:40
This guy looks great - its the language thing. He has been tested and all the language stuff nets a zero. He mumbles around the house in garbled tongue all day. He doesnt want his wife (me) giving any help whatsoever be it writin, computer, ABC’s etc. His old home routine pre-stroke has come back to the letter. He puts on a good front when people are around and acts differently/ definitely no mumbling just mute. People think he is fine but not so - lots of frustation to talk to me. Soon to be in a aphasia research study - I hope that may help some. I am running out of options to help this guy - have him in 2 days/wk day care. PS - he’s 60 yrs old and stroke was left side/very severe. Any ideas on motivation or do I just give this time, time, time !

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