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Wondering about aphasic symptoms
Posted at: 2021-12-05 09:34:09
In the last few days I’ve experienced what I think is called “receptive aphasia.” (I spent time on google trying to figure this out.)

Anyway, the day before yesterday during my 12:30 class, I had trouble understanding what my students were saying. At first I thought I was having trouble hearing them, but when I thought it over last night, that wasn’t the problem. I could hear them, but their words made no sense. In most cases I could ask students to repeat what they’d said, and then I could make sense of it and respond. (This was during a full class discussion.) But there was one kid I just couldn’t understand. I tried to reflect back what he was saying and he said, “Sure,” but that was just because he didn’t want to keep repeating himself.

Then yesterday it happened again, during my 8:00 a.m. class. I was sitting in with a small group, answering their questions. I could take in what was being said and respond, but then, with the next question, I couldn’t do it. I was too tired and what they were saying sounded like gobbedygook. So I told the students I’d be right back, then went to the bathroom, then continued the conversation upon my return. Now and then I’d have to ask them to start over. I just couldn’t latch onto the words and make sense of them. We got through it and the students felt better about the material after we’d talked, but it occurred to me last night that it wasn’t a hearing problem, but rather that I couldn’t make sense of their words.

This has happened before, but not to the same extent, and I never gave it a thought until last night.

I’m wondering if I should be concerned, if I should see a physican, or what. I don’t think I’m having any trouble expressing myself or thinking, just listening.

I’m wondering if this could be related to stress or to diabetes. I don’t have diabetes, though I’m borderline and both my sister and mother have it (type 2). I also have lots of sinus headaches and take claritin for that daily. Is any of this related? I am 50 years old. Could this be a normal sign of aging?

Could it just be from fatigure? It seemed to happen when I had extended conversations about difficult material.

When I think back, I realize that I’ve had trouble taking in what other people are saying during staff meetings. (Well, they’re sorta staff meetings.) I’ve had to ask to have stuff repeated.

I teach Composition. I read many, many essays each semester, plus I have read 53 books in addition to that. Could too much reading (fatigue) cause this?

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