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aphasia-like problem
Posted at: 2021-04-08 08:37:48
I live in France and my son has been diagnosed with something called “les troubles de types aphasique” which is what it sounds like - troubles as if you have a form of aphasia. He has a disconnect between what goes in and what can come out: he can read out loud or to himself, but he does not understand what he reads very well. if you do a dictation exercise, he has trouble - in french, words sounds the same, but instead of knowing from the context which word it is, my son writes more phonetically - rendering a text a bit nonsensical. another symptome is joining words together. my son has gone through a few years of traditional orthophonic work with limited results. he has also worked incredibly hard in school to render again, limited results. in IQ tests he comes out in the top section. he has been tested to dyslexia - nothing. les troubles de type aphasic is the next guess, but the specialist here is convinced. The treatment for this diagnosis is to do a variety of very simple exercises with a trained orthophonist with the aim to make links in his brain - reading simple texts syllable by syllable, writing simple texts while saying exactly what you are writing at the time you are writing, etc. He is 13 sessions into his treatment and we are starting to see a bit of improvement, but being an american, i have a lot more questions than the typical french person it seems. do you have any information you can guide me to. the french website on this comes when you google the discoverer of this condition: gisele gelbert. i realize this is a long message, but our journey has been long on this too like many for many parents i assume. thx.

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