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Re: PPA vs Broca’s
Posted at: 2021-06-25 21:01:16
Thank you so much for your reply. The speech problem is shortened sentences & usually she can’t find the correct word for what she wants to say. Otherwise it all makes sense. I’m not confident in the short evaluation she was given by a psychologist at the speech therapy office. It just seems to me that the diagnosis of progressive aphasia dementia was arrived at extremely quickly, based on MRI changes in the left cerebral, but with little neuropyschological testing. I will be following up and will let you know how it turns out.
PPA vs Broca’s
Posted at: 2021-06-22 02:02:40
A neuropsychologist very quickly jumped to a diagnosis of early-stage PPA after speaking with my 75 yr old mother for a only a few moments and learning that her MRI showed some left cerebral-frontal atrophy. Two neurologists have not even given us a diagnosis but sent us to this psychologist & for speech therapy once a week.

I’m worried that there might be a misdiagnosis since PPA was the only disorder mentioned even though I’ve read that it presents mostly in men age 40-65.

Is there any difference between Primary Progressive Aphasia and Broca’s Aphasia?

What should our next step be, please?

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