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Re: Mom’s aphasia getting worse
Posted at: 2021-09-12 08:16:28
When my mom progressed to your mom’s current symptoms, we moved her to an assisted living facility. We chose a small one, Mom found large facilities confusing to get around and she couldn’t function in a larger social setting because of her communication problems. Independent living was too easy to just stay in her apartment. We wanted access and coaxing regularly around people, and she felt more comfortable around people who had problems too. We had the staff come ask her each meal to come out to eat and help her or, if she refused, take her sandwiches or other food in between meals, just so she’d eat. We wanted staff who’d be in her room several times a day and would notice changes. Also, she could develop relationships with staff because the communication problem made it impossible to have relationships with friends and family. We had staff help her with her tv as she developed problems handling the remote and we had them play her favorite DVD movies or have the channel on TCM. I’d suggest grab bars, lots of them in the bathroom, the bed, her chair. We also found Mom was not brushing her teeth properly. Beware of this. Staff can help and I also stepped up her dentist cleaning and checkups to at least once every three months.

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