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Re: Need advise
Posted at: 2021-10-16 14:42:01
Dear Ms Berg:

You need to seek the services of a competent neurologist who is familiar with transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). If this is what you are experiencing medical professionals can prescribe a treatment and intervention regime designed to head off any further or future problems. Sometimes
TIAs are the red flags that serve to warn us of future problems with the brain blood supply system. Since these future problems might be prevented by medication or other means, it is most important to get a thorough and immediate assessment of your transient loss of communication.
Best of luck. With good intervention you could well prevent further problems, so see a good neurologist at your earliest convenience.

Leonard L. LaPointe, PhD
Francis Eppes Professor of Communication Science & Disorders
Florida State University

Re: Global aphasia or something else
Posted at: 2021-10-16 14:33:49
Dear Martina:

I’m sorry for the stress and concern your father’s condition has had on you and the family. It isn’t easy to see a loved one struggle to communicate, especially if it came on suddenly as with your father’s surgeries. Obviously you have done some reading about aphasia and aphasia types. You know the characteristics of types of aphasia and you have listened carefully to your father’s speech and can’t place it in any of the categories. Without hearing or observing your father’s speech it would be difficulty to figure out a speech diagnosis. It could be a type or severity level of aphasia or it could be one of a few other types of brain-based communication problems. You would be best advised to seek out the assessment services of a qualified speech-language pathologist so a complete evaluation of your father’s communication problem could be conducted and interpreted. I hope there are some services in Croatia that you can arrange. Jeli to moguche?

I wish you success in finding services for your father and understanding his condition.

Leonard L. LaPointe
Francis Eppes Professor of Communication Science & Disorders
Florida State University

Re: puzzled
Posted at: 2021-10-16 14:17:20
Dear puzzled:
Variability is one of the hallmarks of aphasia. We don’t have a definitive answer on the sources of variability, but some people think that the normal swings in mood, emotions, and other things that affect body functions (hormones, endocrines, fatigue, amount of rest) play a role. Your question is indeed a puzzler and a lot of people would like to have an answer to it. I have a friend who is a big time baseball pitcher and he can’t figure out why some days his game is on and sometimes he gets knocked out of the box. He keeps asking, “Why can’t I be perfectly consistent and be on my game every time I pitch?” My answer (and it is not very satisfying) is “because you’re human.”
Just keep at it and strive for maximum improvement, but don’t get down when you plateau or your speech game is up and down. I wish the best to you.

Leonard LaPointe
Francis Eppes Professor of Communication Science & Disorders
Florida State University

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