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This website has been designed to help people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices obtain employment. There are many unique obstacles when trying to get employed where solutions may be difficult to see. It is a founding principle of this website that more voices and ideas are better than fewer so you are invited […]

Are you or a loved one living with stroke, brain injury, aphasia, dementia, learning difficulties or another life changing condition? Talk Around IT apps help people living with word finding difficulties such as aphasia, that may be the result of stroke, brain injury or a range of other conditions. There are four versions of Talk […]

Lingraphica would like to introduce you to the ACE Program, a structured program designed to help your clients establish functional communication skills using their speech-generating device. Lingraphica has always offered device users unlimited training and technical support for the lifetime of their devices, but the ACE Program raises their support to a new level — […]

Speak for Yourself is a Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application. Begin with a few key words, then open vocabulary over time! Speak for Yourself AAC Language App, Changing the world, one voice at a time. Speak for Yourself AAC Language App is an application designed by two ASHA certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who work […]

Lingraphica’s MiniTalk - It’s SO Small; It Fits In Your Clients’ Pocket! Packed with 4,400 icons and 7,500-plus words, our MiniTalk speech-generating device has the same functionality as a larger speech-generating device, but only weighs one pound! The MiniTalk is the perfect size for your clients who want something discreet and mobile. To Learn more, […]

People with severe speech impairments have a serious communication problem, hearing and understand well, but not being able to respond coherently enough for others to comprehend what they’re saying. They’re not mute, but essentially pronounce words with a heavy unique accent. To help such folks keep up with conversations, researchers at University of Sheffield in […]

CommunicAide Free app - help for those with Aphasia and other language disorders, a review by CommunicAide Free: AAC/Speech Therapy is a free app that generates the spoken phrase or word selected by touching the corresponding button or picture. This app is meant to be used daily by persons suffering from Aphasia and other […]

Every year, more than seven million people are affected by conditions that prevent them from speaking or understanding language. The disability may mean that stroke victims can’t tell a nurse that they need to use the bathroom, can’t share with their spouse that they are hungry, or can’t simply ask to please change the channel […]

AAC Assessment for People with Aphasia, an article Published on June 1st, 2013 by Carole Zangar for PrAACtical AAC Many people with aphasia fail to regain sufficient speech and language skills to meet their communication needs. With more than one million people with aphasia in the US alone, chances are most people reading this know […]

Write to Talk, a blog posted July 23, 2021 11:31 AM by Megan Sutton Handwriting comes more naturally than typing for many adults and is likely to be better preserved after neurological injury or disease. For those who have lost their ability to speak, a voice-output app may be the best way to be heard. […]