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Continue Aphasia Therapy at Home with our Video Programs

Communication Partner produces video programs that provide aphasia speech therapy for stroke survivors and victims of traumatic brain injury.

Researchers agree that aphasia recovery dramatically improves as a result of intense aphasia treatment.

Unfortunately, few aphasia sufferers receive enough therapy to maximize recovery. How much is enough speech therapy?
One aphasic client tells more about the struggles of Aphasia than anything else on this site. During a phone conversation, he said the following:
He said “Stroke…3 years(ago)…52 years old…Aphasia…oh man…oh man…Medicare…3 visits(therapy)…month…oh man…Before Stroke…20 friends…now…Zero friends…Aphasia…oh man”

Aphasia impairs the ability to communicate but doesn’t affect intelligence or feelings. We all have an inherent need to communicate and connect with each other. Call to order: Toll Free Customer Service 888-204-6020 or order on internet:
Communication Partner

By Paul E. Berger and Stephanie Mensh with Foreword by Julian Whitaker, MD

Do you have trouble reading?…Do you have a long commute or car trip ahead?…
Do you enjoy listening to a great story?

“How to Conquer the World with one hand and an Attitude” is now on audio with forward by Julian Whitaker, MD.

Read by Johnny Rodriguez, Award-winning Advanced Toastmaster-Gold, CL. Professionally produced by Cue Recording Studios. Playing time: 547 minutes. 19 chapters plus Foreword by Julian Whitaker, MD, epilogue and more on 8 Audio Compact Discs. Easy listening, each chapter on its own track. Premium packaging in durable last-forever hard case with sturdy plastic disc-holders. Sponsored by Bioness Inc.

To Order, click on Stroke Survivor .

This amazing musical project includes the inspirational lyrics of stroke survivor Dan Mountain, featured in the March-April issue of “Stroke Smart” and the music of Marc Black.

One Reviewer JIM BARANSKI, CEO National Stroke Association, wrote
”Marc…listened to the studio mix on my 6 hour flight home. Amazing…I am so excited about your and Dan’s work, and about what we can do for all the survivors in this country not as fortunate to have ‘friends’ like you. It’s time to give them the dignity they so deserve..” Order Now.

or order through National Stroke Association or call 1-800-STROKES (1-800-787-6537).

The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) is a telecommunications equipment distribution program. The program is funded pursuant to state law through the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) and is regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). The purpose of TAP is to provide specialized equipment to Kansans with disabilities or impairments in order to access basic home telecommunications services. To visit the website click on TAP .   For information on how to apply and the equipment available contact them at 785-234-0200 or by email: [email protected]