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An Organization dedicated to help future students within the Speech Pathology industry in finding the best program to fill their needs. Real More

Continue Aphasia Therapy at Home with our Video Programs

Communication Partner produces video programs that provide aphasia speech therapy for stroke survivors and victims of traumatic brain injury.

Researchers agree that aphasia recovery dramatically improves as a result of intense aphasia treatment.

Unfortunately, few aphasia sufferers receive enough therapy to maximize recovery. How much is enough speech therapy?
One aphasic client tells more about the struggles of Aphasia than anything else on this site. During a phone conversation, he said the following:
He said “Stroke…3 years(ago)…52 years old…Aphasia…oh man…oh man…Medicare…3 visits(therapy)…month…oh man…Before Stroke…20 friends…now…Zero friends…Aphasia…oh man”

Aphasia impairs the ability to communicate but doesn’t affect intelligence or feelings. We all have an inherent need to communicate and connect with each other. Call to order: Toll Free Customer Service 888-204-6020 or order on internet:
Communication Partner

The Internet Stroke Center

The Stroke Trials Directory is a continuously updated registry of randomized clinical trials. This project is a joint effort of the Internet Stroke Center at Washington University School of Medicine, the American Stroke Association and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

This directory is intended for health professionals and research scientists.

For Patients and families seeking trial information: . To learn about clinical trials in stroke, or to find a trial near you, please visit Clinical Trial Listings and Resources in our Patients and Families section or Click Here.

Stroke of Hope

Their Mission:
STROKE OF HOPE FOUNDATION is an organization committed to improving quality of life for people by creating stroke awareness, promoting prevention and providing support for stroke survivors, their care partners and families by encouraging physical and emotional recovery, and maintaining an on-line support system. It is our firm belief that the level of recovery for all concerned is largely contingent upon attitude, adjustment and tenacity. Survival is just the beginning. We want to help you reach far beyond that.

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Stroke of Hope Club, Inc.

The mission of Stroke of Hope Club, Inc. is to work toward increased awareness of stroke prevention, improved community education, and —above all— to provide information, education and support to stroke “victors”, their families and friends. The Stroke of hope Club, Inc. provides services to all stroke “victors”, their families and friends. recognizing that no two strokes are the same and no two families coping with stroke do so in the same way.

Stroke of Hope Club, Inc. provides services throughout Palm Beach, Martin and Indian River Counties. We offer monthly meetings for stroke victors and caregivers, including separate support groups.

Their vision is a world where people with aphasia (communication disability) can find opportunity and fulfilment.
We work to promote effective services, new opportunities and a better quality of life for people living with aphasia.
Our aims are to:
• equip people living with aphasia to reconnect with life again
• improve services and increase opportunities available for people living with aphasia by changing attitudes and practices in service provision
• increase the ways in which people living with aphasia can be authentically involved in the services and opportunities available to them.

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Steps Forward

Steps Forward offers a wide variety of speech-language therapy and other therapy services. This summer they are offering an inaugural session of intensive speech-language therapy at their new St. Petersburg, Florida office to help stroke survivors to regain many of their pre-stroke activities

Clients will receive a total of five (5) hours of therapy daily Monday through Friday for a total of 150 hours of therapy. Three hours of each day will be individual therapy with a Master’s degree or Doctoral level therapist. The client will attend one hour daily of group therapy, which may consist of professional counseling groups, art therapy, paired task completion, group projects, client-led discussion groups, and themed speech and language activities. One hour each day will consist of computer-based therapy projects or other small group session.

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The Brain Matters

This site will help you better understand common disorders of the brain, as well as learn about people living with the disorders. The information was prepared by neurologists-doctors with specialized training in diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system.

For information on stroke, click on Visit, the Academy’s public education website, .for comprehensive coverage of neurologic issues

Aphasia Connection

Whether just recovering from a stroke or several years past, these services may be beneficial not only to language skills, but also to the emotional well being of the clients and their families.

Carol Dow-Richards, BS Psychology, has been an advocate for people with aphasia since 1995, when her ten-year-old son, David, suffered a massive stroke.

Carol began Aphasia Connection to help meet the needs of families struggling with aphasia. She focuses not only on the issue of aphasia itself, but its broad impact on the life of the entire family.

You can email Carol (please put in “Aphasia” on Subject line) at [email protected].

To read her son David’s account, please Click Here .

Carol was also recently interviewed by Northwestern University and is a featured speaker at their 2008 conference.

Speech Disorder

Speech Disorder was formed to offer a unique reference point on speech disorders: causes. treatments and therapies.

The site explores the numerous types of speech disorders and the techniques used by speech therapists to help cure them.

Their features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this

Speech Disorder contains over 70 articles all written by their team of experts and they add around 10 new articles each month. Click on Speech Disorder