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Replies: 2 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2021-08-10 12:05:20 - By: carole pomilio
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Susan Grover

Posts: 2
2021-04-26 00:03:56

I am helping my neighbor who had a stroke. She had some therapy in a nursing home for Aphasia. She no longer is under the care of a Speech therapist and is only working through the WALC 1 Aphasia workbook. Her husband asked me to help her, but I am only a CNA and not trained in speech therapy, which he understands. I have been going through the book repeatedly since Nov 2008 and she can now speak in a few short sentences, but still cannot carry on a normal conversation and sometime will use the wrong word. She is getting really frustrated and becomes depressed, wanting to give up.

Her husband has ordered WALC 2 & WALC 3 and another Aphasia workbook, but I was told by a co-worker who is a Speech Therapist that it doesn’t necessary work that way. She has a computer but is not hooked up to the internet. Is there any computer based therapy programs that can help? Also what types of alternative/augmentative communtication resources are there?

Sorry for being so wordy. Thanks for any advice.

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carole pomilio

Posts: 47
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Hi Susan,
First I just want to tell you how wonderful I think you are for helping out your neighbor. So many times when we discharge patients from therapy we wish that there could be someone to continue to facilitate the communication needs of our patients. So thank you for fulfilling this need. To answer some of your questions, I think using the WALC 1 workbook was a great idea and it sounds as if you have made some nice progress using this resource. I am not sure the books 2 and 3 are going to be as helpful because they target different aspects of rehabilitation that may not be necessary for your neighbor. It is difficult for me to tell you exactly what types of activities that you should use because I don’t know at what level your neighbor is functioning or what types of cues and strategies are most effective. However you might want to begin using more everyday type language activities. Use the local newspaper or a favorite magazine that she might like. You can use restaurant menus, retail store brochures or TV shows. For example, you could read a short paragraph out of the newspaper ask some questions and then discuss the story using a WH question activity. Who was the story about, what happened in the story, when did the story take place. You could also have her draw some pictures of what happened in the story if she is unable to verbally give you the information. This aphasia hope website also has numerous resources for you to access. There are resources for computer programs that could give your neighbor some independent practice at home. Look under the resources tab from the home page and then look up computer. All of these computer resources are beneficial for increased communication. You also asked about assistive technology. There are many alternative communication systems available and many are very expensive so my best advice for you is to contact the assistive technology center in AZ which is the Northern Arizona Technology Access program, phone #: 602-728-9534. They can perform an evaluation which is necessary before you consider purchasing any type of augmentative communication system. And finally, the stroke support group which I gave you information about is also a very valuable resource. I hope this was helpful. If you have more questions please let me know. I am available in the phoenix area if you need further assistance. Good Luck! Carole Pomilio MS., CCC/SLP

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