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mom's aphasia
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sandi leonard

Posts: 2
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Hi there, I hope you a have an answer for me. My mom had stroke Feb. 09. She was left with aphasia. She has loss of memory, cannot write or read and her verbal communication is a mixture of garbel and sometimes real words. We think she understands more than it seems but for her to communicate with us is basically nil. She does do some chores and is very willing to help. She cannot hold a conversation. She recognizes things but cannot put a word or name to them. We had her in speech therapy for 1 session and it was decided by them that because she could not recognize objects or things on cards or finish short phrases that she would not be a candidate for speech therapy. It was short lived. My question is this….is there hope for my mom and should we continue to persue speech therapy? Some days she will say whole sentences. We see some improvements but very slow. Help!! and thank you in advance for your answer. My mom is 85

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Kristine Lundgren

Posts: 11
2021-04-26 00:03:56

Dear Sandi,
Thanks for your email question. Your mother is fortunate to have you to advocate for her. There is the potential for improvement in speech-language and/or communication skills with speech-language treatment, even years post stroke. Your mother deserves an opportunity to participate in speech-language treatment. It is important for her to receive an evaluation and subsequent treatment from a therapist who is experienced in the area of aphasia. I don’t know where you live so my suggestion to you is that you contact your state Speech-Language Hearing Association or the American Speech-Language Hearing Association for a list of speech and language providers (with an experience in aphasia) in your area.
Best of luck to you and your mother.

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