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Stroke related Aphasia Support Groups
Posted at: 2021-08-08 12:33:02
Are there any support groups in Payson AZ?
Aphasia therapy
Posted at: 2021-08-08 12:31:28
I am helping my neighbor who had a stroke. She had some therapy in a nursing home for Aphasia. She no longer is under the care of a Speech therapist and is only working through the WALC 1 Aphasia workbook. Her husband asked me to help her, but I am only a CNA and not trained in speech therapy, which he understands. I have been going through the book repeatedly since Nov 2008 and she can now speak in a few short sentences, but still cannot carry on a normal conversation and sometime will use the wrong word. She is getting really frustrated and becomes depressed, wanting to give up.

Her husband has ordered WALC 2 & WALC 3 and another Aphasia workbook, but I was told by a co-worker who is a Speech Therapist that it doesn’t necessary work that way. She has a computer but is not hooked up to the internet. Is there any computer based therapy programs that can help? Also what types of alternative/augmentative communtication resources are there?

Sorry for being so wordy. Thanks for any advice.

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