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Help for 16 yr old
Posted at: 2021-08-17 11:39:42
Hi! My daughter had 2 strokes from Moyamoya disease when she was 9. She has recovered to the place where she can speak understandably but is “catagorized” by peers. She cannot read or write (has rt hand paresis). She does not “fit” in the school system, in fact, wasn’t in school for 5 months last year. She said “They try make me fit, Mom. I fit nowhere. Just kill me now.” She refuses much of the therapy because she says it makes her feel “stupid.” I’ve been trying for 6 years to find the right reading program, social program, behavior program , “Mom” program,,,(HELP!) , research…(none for children with aphasia). I’m afraid her future will be lost because I’m not doing the right things. THANK YOU for taking the time to read this!

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