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mom’s aphasia
Posted at: 2022-02-10 13:55:45
Hi there, I hope you a have an answer for me. My mom had stroke Feb. 09. She was left with aphasia. She has loss of memory, cannot write or read and her verbal communication is a mixture of garbel and sometimes real words. We think she understands more than it seems but for her to communicate with us is basically nil. She does do some chores and is very willing to help. She cannot hold a conversation. She recognizes things but cannot put a word or name to them. We had her in speech therapy for 1 session and it was decided by them that because she could not recognize objects or things on cards or finish short phrases that she would not be a candidate for speech therapy. It was short lived. My question is this….is there hope for my mom and should we continue to persue speech therapy? Some days she will say whole sentences. We see some improvements but very slow. Help!! and thank you in advance for your answer. My mom is 85
moms aphasia
Posted at: 2022-02-10 13:39:03
My mom had a stroke last february 2009 which left her with severe aphasia. She cannot read or write. She does say some words but is mostly garble. She does not know the proper words for things, but sometimes with hand gestures we understand. We think she understands us sometimes but she cannot express herself verbally. WE had her in out patient speech therapy for 1 visit and their conclusion was that because she could not recognize pictures and say them back or finish a phrase, that she was not a candidate for speech therapy. She also was not interested. She does do some chores she want to be very helpful . WE cannot leave her alone ever. Sometimes she surprises us and says a whole sentence. My question is this…. Do you think the speech assessment was accurate or should we continue to persue another facility? Is there hope for my mom?

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